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yet another web page... i can hear all of you clapping
and proclaiming what a grand achievement it is.
yet i smell something burning...
i can see little curls of smoke rolling out of your ears...

why? why? why?

why another web page?
why do i care?
why did he bother?
what could possibly be so unique about this site?
it's just clogging up the system, and soon...
when enough of these senseless web pages have been posted...
the whole system will crash and total anarchy will ensue!!

why? why? why?

is he so egotistical that he has to build a monument to himself?
how bored can a person be?
why doesn't he get out of the house more?
why doesn't he read a book?
why doesn't he organize his sock drawer?
almost anything would be more useful than another web page!!
why doesn't he just bang his head against a wall?
now that would be useful!!

yes! yes! yes!

in fact, a movement could be organized against senseless web pages!!
where each protestor would, at noon, on each tuesday...
bang their head against the nearest wall for 30 seconds...
to protest senseless web pages...

then, as the movement gains strength...
when thousands upon thousands of people... who are all tired of senseless web pages...
when these tens of thousands of people are banging their heads against a wall...

this will be the wake-up call!!
this will be the tolling of the bell!!
this will be the written invitation being delivered!!

when this low reverberation of banging heads can be felt around the world...
then, those people who have the power and the influence over our lives...
those mucky-muck power brokers will then be able to feel it in their bones...
the anguish and the desperate hopelessness that the mass of humanity feels...
from having to endure another senseless web page...
these "nebulous they" power brokers will then realize all too late...
that they have forced upon humanity... one too many senseless web pages...

this new technology... that they announce and declare from their corporate pulpits...
(shoot me now!!)
this new technology... that will usher in a new age of enlightenment...
(i'm begging you!! shoot me now!!)
this new technology... heralding a new renaissance...
(please!! end my misery!!!)
this new technology... finally unlocking and unleashing the latent human potential...
(i'll grovel!! i'll whine!! please!!! shoot me now!!)
this new technology... allowing new possibilities and hope for all of humanity...
(please don't make me whine!!! ohhhh pleeeaaassseee!!!)

senseless web pages like this one!!!

yes! yes! yes!

well... aren't... the possibilities endless...
because... the infinite resources of the universe are at your fingertips?!?!?
(i don't think so!!!)
god has yet to create that easy to navigate, fully indexed web site...
(besides... my brain is full and i don't want it dripping out my ears!!!)

(don't stop reading now!! you've read this far!! there are only good things farther down!)

well... where do you want to go today??
i think... i'll go...
well, actually, i need to go to work... you know... it's a money thing.
i would prefer to go to bed, but its not a practical reality.
(first, though, check in with the evil empire; their reality has no room for practicality.)

but... push technology will deliver, to my doorstep, the knowledge base of the world...
(whoopie... i'm buying a deadbolt right now and heavily arming myself for this invasion!)

take comfort though...
the end of their reign of terror is near...
the average person has decided that enough is enough... no more senseless web pages!!

see! i told you... only good things!!

join the revolution now! rebel against senseless web pages like this one! add your name to the wall of visionaries who are sick and tired of senseless web pages! email me (below) with your name/pseudo-name/nickname, whatever you want to see up on the wall as representing who you are. i will maintain strict confidentiality!! and don't forget to bang your head against the nearest wall every tuesday at noon!! may the sound be deafening!
award page link!!! mildly interesting mikey's mildly interesting site award! who would have thought?!?!

oh look!! it's a page date!! **Tuesday, October 05, 1999** it must have been the last time mikey updated this page.

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