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VRman's Christmas v1.2
[a screensaver]
VR Xmas v12
downnload VRman's Christmas screensaver v1.2 : zipped 1.164MB
well, i feel i should say something articulate and erudite, something that conveys the true feelings that i have for these screensavers... something that expresses my sincere gratitude to VRMan for writing these marvelous works of art, something that reveals how grateful i am since these screensavers are also free, something that enunciates my wonder, and something that expounds the simple amazement i behold.
but all i can think of is wow! and thank you!
screenshots do not do justice to these screensavers! you have to view them running since 2 dimensional images can not represent the fluid motions of good 3D modelling. they are a beautiful sight to behold! and let's not forget the midi music!!! VRMan must be truly inspired because the music that accompanies each screensaver works! actually, works is a poor choice; since the music belongs with what you are viewing, and enriches your experience! no small feat, but VRMan has been able to blend the two in such a way that only others dream of.
in short... WOW!!! and THANK YOU!!!
Xmas v12 settings
i have access to 3 different computers with different configurations. please see my Fireworks screenshot page to see how VRMan's screensavers fared.
keys to use
for the season
the L ornament so, does anybody know what these ornaments represent? yeah, i know that i should just email VRMan, but it might be interesting to get your opinion. so let me know what you think, email: mikey. if all else fails, i'll just let me head implode trying to figure this out. the L ornament
crises solved!!! thank goodness, the vice grips that were on my head were starting to give way! Gary Van Hoosier has saved me and my walls from a messy repainting job! thanks!!! now that i know what the ornaments mean, it's a major DUH on my part! but then hindsight is good for self-recrimination. what we have is a capital "L" and the international symbol for none... don't... not allowed... no... hmmmm... no with "L" must mean NOEL! jeepers!! i should have paid more attention to the game show concentration! thanks again gary for saving my bacon and a mighty NOEL to all and to all a good night!
vrman's website: http://www.vrman3d.com/
download : the 3D screensaver Christmas v1.2 : zipped 1.164MB
i must truly be old and senile.... at the vrman's home, all of the links work except the ones for his first christmas screensaver. he's got like 5 different links, but i have never got them to work for me. knowing full well that you can find anything on the internet, i went to dogpile or filepile or doggie filing pile or a pile of doggie filings or someplace like that, and i was able to find one obscure site that had his Christmas v1.2 screensaver. since i like it very very much, please download it from me and enjoy a truly tasteful and beautiful christmas screensaver! {{added : Monday, Sept. 4, 2000}}
download : the 3D screensaver Christmas v1.2 : zipped 1.164MB
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