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VRman's Christmas v2
[a screensaver]
Christmas v2
download VRman's Christmas screensaver v2 : zipped 1.327MB
well, what can i possibly say that i didn't say on the other screenshot pages? i thought about using slang words, maybe some colloquialisms would due the trick.
hey, i could start rhyming,
       now that would be exciting!!!
but the vocal protest that would arise,
       would end up with my eventual demise.
so needless to say,
       i'll not go that way.
but these screensavers are so groovy,
       i'll vow never to see another movie.
because in front of my monitor i will be,
       frantically trying to press the print screen key.
i love these programs, that much is true,
       so these screensavers are a must for you.
and you will see what i mean,
       they're so... you know... really keen!
Xmas v2 settings
i have access to 3 different computers with different configurations. please see my Fireworks screenshot page to see how VRMan's screensavers fared. website: http://www.vrman3d.com/
keys to use
for the season
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