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VRman's Tidal Forces
[a screensaver]
TF1      TF3
download VRman's Tidal Forces screensaver : zipped 1.524MB
screenshots of the wormholes are below!
i could rant and rave about how great Tidal Forces is, but that would bore you. so instead, below is the author's explanation of what "Tidal Forces" is! i borrowed it from the Readme text file.
[how convenient!]
I thought you'd never ask!
Well it's simple really. You have mass driving pulsar gravitrons creating gravimetric field distortions - thereby opening up rifts in the time-space continuum. Now, when these gravitrons are activated, they produce an immense amount of artificial gravity due to their incredibly large generated mass (similar to a natural black hole). Now, when objects are caught in the gravitational pull of the gravitron, they eventually reach what is called the 'event horizon'. This is the point at which there is no possible way to escape the gravity. (Which is very convienient when making a screensaver!) So once the objects are caught in the 'event horizon', they are pulled into the artificial black hole's subspace singularity. Once within the singularity, space is basically folded in half as they travel through a worm-hole. The worm-hole comes to an end (most all good things come to an end eventually) and the object is spewed out into a parallel universe... Let's suffice it to say that the tachyon field emissions reach a critical level causing an interdimensional shift, which the poor objects happen to be caught up in... So after all this happens for a long while, something really special happens. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Copyright (c) 1998 by Fred Cass. All Rights Reserved.
website: http://www.vrman3d.com/
tidal forces settings
things to do while viewing Tidal Forces:
Keys:  (during screensaver operation)
1-8: Change camera viewpoint modes...
  9: Immediately jump into black hole
  0: Select a different object to watch 
       (works with views 1 and 2 primarily)
  M: Toggle Midi music on/off
  N: Advance to Next song
TF4      TF5
i have access to 3 different computers with different configurations. please see my Fireworks screenshot page to see how VRMan's screensavers fared.
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