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VRman's Fireworks
[a screensaver]
download VRman's Fireworks screensaver : 559KB zipped
this is one gosh-golly screensaver! as usual, with all of VRMan's programs, there is midi music to accompany the visual effects. with Fireworks, you also get sound effects. you get to hear the fireworks blast off, and the cheering crowd as they get worked up into a patriotic frenzy! and if you're not careful, you'll find yourself saluting the monitor! [luckily for me, no one was around; i already have enough explaining to do]. yup! the good ol' rockets red glare... gosh by golly!! website: http://www.vrman3d.com/

system requirements and my experience:
i should talk about some of the system requirements needed to run any of the VRMan's screensavers. the control defaults are geared for a pc machine with a pentium 200MMX, a good wavetable card [the music is optimized for a creative labs AWE32], and, at the very least, a *GOOD* 2D/3D video card (4MB) with either 3Dfx voodoo or nvidia riva128. other video chipsets [ATI rage2 or rendition or powerVR...] will work, but it appears that those are the chosen two. there maybe others, but i would not know. i'm no expert, so feel free to correct me if i mis-speak, i try to read alot, but my realm of experience is limited in the video card area. in addition to the above, to run VRMan's screensavers, you will need at least directX5 and directdraw3D. quite the laundry list just for a screensaver, but these just aren't screensavers. no my friends, these are aural masterpieces waiting to inspire and amaze you!
my brother's computer:
he has a PCI Diamond Fire GL 1000 Pro (8MB)
with the Permedia2 + internal delta chipset,
software version and BIOS version 1.41,
a pentiumII 300MHz, 64MB RAM, and a sound blaster 16.
*Tidal Forces ran fine, but had a black square around the "black hole" orbs.
*Fireworks also ran fine. the sound effects worked, but no midi music played.
*Christmas v1.2 would run fine for about five minutes; then it would freeze,
      and he would get a "clearing the front buffer failed" error message:
*Christmas v2 runs fine, does not freeze, but he gets black squares around the smoke trails,
      floating xmas lights, and the falling snowflakes.
[i'll try my best to talk him into an add-on voodoo2 3D accelerator card]
my [me, ie: mikey] computer:
all of VRMan's screensavers work perfectly on my computer!!!!
but then i do have a pentium 200MMX with 48MB EDO RAM, a creative labs AWE32, and a PCI Diamond Viper330 (8MB) (nVIDIA Riva128ZX chipset).
my parent's computer:
they have a PCI ATI All In Wonder Pro (8MB)
with the Mach64:RagePro chipset (not rage2), software version 5.24-CD3.
they have an AMD K6-2 (3Dnow) 333MHz, 64MB RAM, and a sound blaster 16.
**i have no idea why, but no midi music would play with any of the screensavers.
**Fireworks ran fine, including sound effects, but no midi music.
**Tidal Forces ran beautifully, but no midi music.
**Christmas v1.2 had no music, would freeze after several minutes, and gave the same
      "clearing the front buffer failed" error meesage.
**Christmas v2 did not freeze and ran fine, but had no midi music. what was weird, one time,
      after running for 10 minutes or so, it changed to a different screensaver.
      i'll blame this one on windows95 purely out of superstition and ignorance.
[[i would have a hard time talking them out of their favorite screensaver, a slide show featuring pictures of grandchildren, so no voodoo2 for them.]]
anyway, with the proper setup,
these are all awesome screensavers!!! bar none!!
get them at any cost! (actually they're free)
so get them at no cost!!
and enjoy!
fireworks settings

Keys:  (during screensaver operation)
  A,S,D,F,G,H,J - fire a shell!
  M: Toggle Midi music on/off
  N: Advance to Next song
  Q: Toggle Sound FX
  1,2,3: views
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