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the "proverbial more" index
of new and wonderous things!

(or...how to better plan for future expansion the next time!)


this page will be more or less a running dialog [slash] diary of things. what things? why so vague!?! okokok, all i know at this particular moment in time is a quasi dairy and links to pages that i will be adding to my site. there, happy!?!? this uncertainty, this small element of chaos, THIS is the key that will make it new and wonderous!! oh boy, rolling your eyes already. okokok, in any event, i'll try to keep it senseless; hey, it's worked so far!


i'm going to keep this small section at top
i like to read many different web comics. the ones that i list here, i particularly enjoy!! and i hope you do too!
kidnapped by gnomes
kidnapped by gnomes by kathy peterson
scary go round
scary go round by john allison
sheldon by dave kellett
phd comics
phd comics by jorge cham
we the robot
we the robots by chris harding
eds r us
ed's r us by ed appleby
beaver and steve
the unfeasible adventures of
beaver and steve by james turner
pinkerton by mike witmer
masion of e fleebs
the mansion of E by robert m. cook
this is simply not just a web comic, but it is a grand adventure.
the mansion of E has been on the web since july 16th 2003 where it all began.
i have only discovered the wonders of the mansion of E, recently, and i took the better part
of 2 weeks to read through all 5 years of archive comics, but it is a great story and a great read.
it took me so long because he updates the comic every single day, for 5 freaking years!
you gotta love it. i sure do. but you do have to start from the beginning and read through it all
since the grand adventure and the multiple plot lines that were started back from day one
are still in progress. as best as i can tell, this is still the same day, well ... one day passed
quickly within the first week, then the 2nd day began, and 5 years later the 2nd day of the comic
is still only half way through that 2nd day. the mansion of E is more like a novel than a web comic
but at least there are lots of pictures. anyway, you won't be disappointed if you give it a try.
masion of e - rosemary ripley

small1 earth date: Monday, February 4, 2008
small1 here is another hard to spell word, and... actually, i have no idea how to spell it. my mom's mom ( ok, my grandmother ) immigrated to the US from Dubrovnik in Croatia in the first part of the 20th century, the 1900's. i have always know it as Yugoslavia, and i grew up telling people i was one-half yugoslavian, but i am actually one-half croatian. but that is really neither here nor there. however, i do still think of myself as yugoslavian first, and then i have to remind myself that i should probably call myself croatian instead. anyway...
small1 my mom has used a yugoslavian/croatian word for good luck. i have heard it all my life, and i use it myself. my mom says it means "may god protect and be gracious to you", and you say this word when you first use an item or when one first opens the box to use an item for the first time, and this item or thing can be either new or used. in one sense, you are wishing yourself to have good luck using this item, and you need to say this word upon first use.
small1 and what is this word that i have no idea how to spell?? [[ and yes, my mom has never seen this word spelled out either, only spoken ]] well, it sounds like this: "boosie pamoosie" or it could be "bowzy pamozy" or it could be "bosy pamosy" or... heck if i know. my mom has no accent what so ever, but when she says this word, she has always said it with a bit of an old world accent. so, if anyone out there knows how to spell this word, pronounce it, or has any other clues as to its usage, feel free to email me so i can get myself educated. my email address is at the bottom of the page. and i would like to add : "may god protect and be gracious to you"
small1 well-what-do-you-know, i just looked at the bottom of this page and realized that at the end of this month of february 2008, this web site, my personal web site here on softcom.net, or as some links might look like, promedia.net ( softcom.net and promedia.net are one and the same ) where was i, right, the last week of february 2008 will mark the 10 year anniversay of my site being on the internet! woohoo!! and i haven't changed a darn thing. so my site looks the same as it did 10 years ago!! woohoo! all i have ever done is add to my site. sniff sniff... it brings back memories of 33.6kbps modems and feverishly looking for downloads that were under 1MB in size...
small1 you know what else it means? i've paid my isp, softcom, a ton-o-money over the last 10 years, and i have had the exact same email address for the last 10 years, and you can use version 3 of the netscape browser, and version 3 of IE, and version 3 of opera and view my site just fine. and and... what may be the best news is that even a locally based isp company, http://www.softcom.net/ can survive and thrive over a long period of time.
small1 anyway, there is a statue of liberty image of my home page, where i got it, i do not know. i saw it on some one's page out there on the internet, i liked it, so i copied it and put it up. then on my privacy page, i pledged to give credit to who ever created it when i found out. it has been in the back of my mind for over 10 years now, wondering just who did draw it. it has been up on my main page since day one. well, my search is over. about a month ago, i was downloading some wallpapers from a usenet group with a wonderful program called picture patrol on my imac, and there it was sitting right there in front of me as one of the downloaded images : cherry as the statue of liberty by larry welz. evidently, some one took that picture, colored it in, shrunk it, and made it into a transparent gif. pretty cool! at least i now know who made it originally. thanks larry for your cherry drawings!!
small1 toodles, until the next time... may peace doggedly follow you.

ying yang earth date: Sunday, August 5, 2007
ying yang well, the sun is still shining, the birds are still singing, the love for my apple imac is stronger than ever, i'm still playing treadmarks, and i'm on friendly terms with those voices in my head, so life is good and i have no complaints. well, ok... i don't really hear voices in my head, at least that is what they tell me, so who am i to argue with them.
ying yang one thing that i decided to take action on, are those hard to spell words that perplex me every time i try to use them. so i am going to list them here so that i can always reference them. the prime example, as i have mentioned before, is the word wondrous, which i have incorrectly spelled as wonderous for god knows how long. here are some other examples:
ying yang guarantee
ying yang gesundheit
ying yang supercalifragilisticexpealidous
ying yang they are all spelled correctly, so take heart and use them proudly in your everyday speech! mary poppins would be flattered indeed!
ying yang toodles, until the next time... may peace doggedly follow you.

envelope earth date : Sunday, December 17, 2006
envelope holy cow!!! another post and not even 4 months have passed... got to keep you dear and lovely people on your toes... keep you guessing and thinking... should i check back in 3 months... should i check back in 6 months..... or should i just wait until next year to see if there is a new post...
bloody eh, not much of a blog is it... oh, ok, nevermind...
envelope here are 2 ant bait formulas, that you can make should you ever find yourself infested with a bunch of ants. the common theme between them is the ingredient, boric acid, which, evidently, can be bought over the counter in any local drug store. well, that's what my dad says.
envelope i found this first formula on the glorious internet while i was looking around, seeing if i could find any mention of the formula that my dad has used for years and years (the 2nd one)
ant bait formula, found on the internet
envelope this next formula is the one that my dad has been using for years and years, but he doesn't remember where he first saw it.
envelope The Ant Cocaine formula...
envelope well, i have always called it ant cocaine, and for a good reason... the ants just go absolutely nuts over it. you know how ants will carry their fallen comrades back to the nest; well, with a capful of this stuff, there will be ant carcasses littered all around it, and the ants will walk over their fallen comrades to get to this ant bait, and the dead ants will never be retrieved either. this ant bait does not kill immediately, so you will have to keep it filled up for a week or two until enough of it can be taken back to the ant nest.
what you need:
what you do:
and this is for me since i always forget what they mean...
3 teaspoons (tsp) = 1 tablespoon (tbsp)
envelope well, this should do it for the moment.
envelope mikey
envelope may peace doggedly follow you.

post it earth date : Monday, September 4, 2006
post it ok, this is not my personal best, but 10 months between updates on this page ain't too bad. and it's not like i have anything fantastic to add to the glut already on the internet to amaze and befuddle you with. if you want regular updates on anything that i do, go visit the link that i gave you in the post below, at least i am trying to keep up with my auto biography.
post it so what has been going on with me? well, i am totally digging using my apple macintosh computer full time. it has been a little over a year since i switched, and it has been the absolutely best thing that i've done in my life. i should have switched years ago, but, oh well, live and learn. at least i'm not besieged with registry errors and the constant threat of spyware.
post it i have also found a full time job. i started working for them on valentine's day, feb. 14th, 2006 . so i work for redding tank & casing aka perkins welding works, monday through friday, doing bookkeeping and accounting type stuff. you know, accounts receivable, recording bank deposits, general ledger entries... and strangely enough, i do enjoy bookkeeping. then on saturdays, i go and do my computer thing for johnson mfg. if you remember, i've been at johnson mfg for the last several years working one day a week, and i could not be happier. so i have been working 6 days a week for 6 months now. i don't mind, and it's always nice to have money, something that i have not had in abundance for the last several years. [[ a note after the fact: in june 2007, the owner closed the business, so i no longer work for them. ]]
post it nothing much else is going on. the only other thing of note is   > >   i have added more fractals to my growing collection of fractal web albums. if you like looking at pictures of fractals, click here and i hope you have lots of time, and a broadband connection would be good too. i suppose i should count all of the different pictures, but there is easily over two thousand different fractal pictures to look at. i've got more, but i've just been too lazy to put them up. it deals with my need to do basic sorting of the pictures. some form of organization is always good in one's life. well, until the next time... may peace doggedly follow you.

gold key earth date : Thursday, December 1, 2005
gold key woohoo, it's only been 5 months since the last update!! the most important thing that i have done during the last 5 months is to switch my preferred computing platforms. that's right, i have abandoned using ms windows and have switched over to using my apple iMac with osX on it. you know boys and girls, i should have done this a long long time ago. i might have mentioned this one or two times before, but if you are entertaining the idea of buying a macintosh computer, even if that idea is a small one that you think about from time to time... just go do it. you won't regret it.
gold key the other project that i have started for myself can be found here : my auto biography   ok, now relax and take deep breathes, i know you can hardly contain yourself. as i have explained on that page, i just wanted to write down my life story, for better or for worse. considering that i have led a rather boring life, it should make for some rather fantastic reading, if i do say so myself. and to keep in line with everything else i have ever done on the web, there is only text on a web page, and there are no pictures. i can already envision webbies dancing in my head ;-)
gold key and before i forget..... people people people, use a spell checker for all that is good and holy! lol... you know how i call this web page "the proverbial more index of new and wonderous things" .... well, wonderous is spelled wrong. the correct spelling is wondrous. argghhhhhh, this is almost too funny, since i have had this page on the internet now for over 7 years! that in itself, is hard to believe, and that it has been at the same url all 7 years is hard to believe, and that my local isp has been in business that long is also pretty cool, allowing me to keep my same email address and this url, and and .... anyway, life never ceases to amaze me. take care and use those spell checkers!! may peace doggedly follow you! mikey
gold key and in case anyone wonders... that tag line : may peace doggedly follow you! is something i have used off and on now for some 20 years. i played a game, a long time ago, called Lords of Space, written by some college friends, and in one game, i had to write some quick speeches that "my president" gave to "my people", and my president used the tagline ( may peace doggedly follow you! ) to end each speech with. i just thought it was cool and have used it in tag lines on forums and emails sprinkled through out the web. so if you ever see it, you know it's me. i've always liked the image of peace following one around like a little puppy constantly wanting attention, love, care and feeding. toodles!

small1 earth date : Tuesday, June 28, 2005
small1 eight whole months have gone by with neery an update. blog blog blog blog blog... lol, i had the idea a long long time ago... hey, but what good is being lazy if one updates a page constantly and consistently. you might start to expect things out of me then! can't have that now, the pressure would get to me and then the headaches would start and pretty soon my brains would explode, and that would just mess up my monitor making it hard to see what is on the screen. so we won't go there.
small1 but i have been productive though. well, that's what i tell myself. self-esteem is very important!! i have been looking into this thing called Bart's PE aka Bart's Preinstalled Environment, a bootable live windows CD. you can find it here and it's some pretty cool stuff. i spent an inordinate amout of time figuring it out and kicking the tires.
small1 basically, it allows one to boot a computer, from a cdrom, into a graphical windows environment. it is not linux, unix, macintosh, or anything else... you get a computer running windows, from a cd. that, my friends, is a small miracle. this is the fruit of my labors. mikey's plugins for bart's pe. man, i need a nap!! well, until the next time... may peace doggedly follow you.

envelope earth date : Monday, October 25, 2004
envelope wow, it's been over one whole year since i did anything to this page... hey, what did you expect?!?!? i'm old, i'm tired, and i just don't care anymore.... oh sorry... i do care, i really really do care! i'm just old and tired. what is that you are saying? today's blogging software has made it ohhh soooo easy to do daily updates? let's think for a moment... if i can't be bothered to update this page, which is very easy for me to do... versus downloading and installing and learning and using yet another program....
envelope and really... what would i be writing about on a daily basis, anyway? do i have any pithy life observations? am i in any sort of titanic life and death struggle? have i pitted myself against some faceless multi-national corporation who has wronged me? do i have strong feelings and emotions about what it right and wrong with this world? do i travel the world and visit exotic places, seeing and doing interesting and fun things?
envelope nope... my life is boring boring boring... but you know, that's ok by me. hey, you know what? i did buy a new mattress and box springs last week!! serta perfect sleeper!!! jeepers, a new bed does make a world of difference for a good night sleep! now i am one happy camper!

small computer earth date : Sunday, October 19, 2003
small computer okokok, seven months and some change. at least i'm trying to be senselessly consistent! the only major accomplishment that i can speak of is passing my novell netware upgrade test!! woohoo! so now i am netware v6 certified! just in time for novell to release v7 of netware... oh well, at least i'm keeping my mind flexible.
small computer well, nothing else to add, keep moving now. there's lots of links at the top and bottom and all through out the page. you're on the internet now, so go click something!! your mouse is getting bored.
small computer hold on one second, i've thought of something to add here. hey, you can thank me now or you can thank me later, or... on 2nd thought, don't thank me and just download some useful freeware that i have found recently....
small computer web albums of photographs (or any pictures that you have) seem to be all the rage these days. 2 freeware programs, thumbawumba and web album generator, will take a folder of pictures and create a very nice web gallery of them for you.
small computer screenshots and download of thumbawumba, create web galleries of pictures
small computer screenshots and download of web album generator, create web galleries of pictures
small computer both programs are pretty cool and will do a good job for you!!!!
small computer an example of thumbawumba in action!
small computer an example of web album generator in action!
small computer both of the web albums show pictures from the computer game TreadMarks.
small computer small computer small computer small computer
small computer next up are 3 freeware programs that will help you take text files and convert them to html files, take nested folders of files and create linked html pages of those files, and a program that will replace selected text inside of html/text files with new text of your desire.
small computer screenshots and download for the freeware program Text2html, convert text files to html files.
small computer screenshots and download for the freeware program directory2html, create linked html pages from nested folders and files
small computer screenshots and download for the freeware program auto-replace, a windows grep tool! replace text in multiple files!
small computer once again, these examples, of the programs in action, deal with the computer game, TreadMarks... a very nice game indeed!!
small computer directory to html nested linked structure example
small computer directory to html example where the html file is one large page
small computer i used auto-replace to put my clump of website links at the bottom of each of those pages. and i don't have any examples of the program text2html, but i do like the program.
small computer ok, i'm done now. until the next time....

ying yang earth date: Saturday, March 8, 2003
ying yang ok, almost 6 months later and i'm at it again :) i've been studying linux for that time, and after this, i'm not going to mention linux anymore! i passed the linux+ test from comptia, and i passed 3 other linux tests from SAIR Linux/GNU, installation & configuration - system administration - networking. and i also took and passed the brainbench linux sys admin test.
ying yang this is how i am going to sum up all of this linux stuff : it's not for the faint of heart, and there is a steeper learning curve involved than other operating systems. the one thing to always keep in mind is 2 words: hardware compatibility! linux will pretty much work on anything, but save yourself time and trouble by making sure that your hardware is supported.
ying yang the other big issue with linux is always which distribution do i install, since there are literally 50 to 60 to 70 different flavors of linux out there. i've read many linux forums and newsletters and.... stick 10 linux persons in a room, ask them this question, and you'll get 10 different answers. but that's ok and is pretty cool. basically, if you choose any major distribution, you can't go wrong... red hat, suse, mandrake, slackware, debian. they all have good and bad points, and they all have people who swear by them, and other people who have run into problems with them.
ying yang as far as i am concerned, in my humble opinion, if you want simplicity and ease of use with linux, there seems to be 4 choices : Xandros (which is what i use),    PCLinuxOS,    and    they have concentrated on making linux friendly and useful, and have worked hard at making their distribution a good and pleasant desktop experience. the only other interesting note is that both Lindows and Xandros are derived from the old Corel linux distribution, which as you can recall, was my favorite distribution from some time ago. i have some linux screenshots [[ here ]] or [[ here ]] if you're really bored.
ying yang ok, i promise i won't talk about linux anymore! you just have to try it and see if you like it. oh, and before i forget....
instead of linux, go buy yourself a macintosh with osX !!!! it is where linux will be 5 years from now without the wait !!

post it earth date: Saturday, September 14, 2002
post it ok everyone, i was going for a personal best here.... 10 months and 11 days since my last update. oh i know, i could be "blog-ing" or "aim-ing" or "icq-ing" since they are all the internet rage right now... but i really don't care and i really don't have the time either. and, as far as i am concerned, or... i should say... IMHO... in my humble opinion... all of that stuff is an invasion of my privacy and just as good as installing viruses on my computer. yeah yeah... whatever....
post it so what the heck have i been doing for these last 10 months and 11 days?!?!? well, starting 3 months ago, i am only working one day a week, due to unfortunate circumstances at my work. but that's ok, since i have been using that time to study and read books and re-certify myself in various computer areas. yup! i am going the way of the apple and have taken and passed 5 certification tests relating to apple's macintosh computers.
post it these are the certifications that i have passed... Press3 macintosh certs for macintosh hardware and osX: and not wanting to rest on any laurels [even if i could find some] i took the brainbench macintosh networking exam and passed: and i passed 2 tests from apple computers on mac osX administration basics and osX server essentials, so that i be now apple computer certified ACTC.
post it you know, the more i use mac osX, the more i like it, apple has done a wonderful job with it, and it is drop dead easy to use. to me, it is simply amazing that mac osX is based on unix. since i have passed my apple certifications, i am also going to get some first level linux certifications because i want to learn linux and make mac osX and linux my computer operating systems for the future. i am completely forgoing any microsoft products for my future personal use. i am mentioning this because linux is getting better and easier to use each year, but linux is nowhere as simple or fun as mac osX. again, i am amazed at how simple mac osX is compared to linux, because osX is linux, but better and easier.
post it so i will say this again... if you have ever considered using linux or switching to it, just go buy a mac!
post it i am learning linux because it is used alot in business, so it is good for me to know it. also, knowing linux might be necessary when intel and microsoft finally get all of this DRM (digital rights management) stuff finally on computers. i'm not political in the least bit, but in the very near future, intel computers and microsoft operating systems will have digital rights management policies built right into both the hardware and software, which of course will be there to protect us from music pirates and video pirates.... arghhhhh, i don't need someone else to protect me, especially intel and microsoft... yeah, they always have my best interests at heart.... arghhhhh.... and then there is the DCMA... the digital millennium copyright act..... arghhhhh... anyway, go educate yourself... type DRM or DCMA in any search engine and make your own decision. i can live without that stuff, so i am looking to linux to help me.
small1 i know you're bored to tears and about to be comatose... [you're still reading this aren't you?]. i am also a part-time member of the online TreadMarks community. what?!?!? never heard of treadmarks?!?!? basically, it is the one game i have played consistently since its inital release back in december 1999. that's two and a half years ago folks. TM, aka TreadMarks, is a tank game. you run around in a tank, collect weapons and blow up other tanks, that's it. but the part i like best is that you do not need to use a mouse to play the game. all you need are the 4 arrow keys to drive and steer the tank and the space bar to fire the weapon.
small1 this simplicity is also its beauty.... and truth be told, my hands are also slightly spastic, so i have never been able to play games that relied solely on the mouse or games that have a zillion keyboard commands, i just could never do those games. anyway.... treadmarks is cool because the games are short, and there is nothing to accomplish and you do not need to spend an entire weekend just to get to a save point so that you can progress the game. and.. and.. and.. the terrain is deformable, you shoot the ground and it makes a hole. very cool.
small1 oh right.... i've been using my extra time to help out the treadmarks community, since i like the game so much. and now that you're completely comatose, i'll throw in some links to my websites featuring treadmarks. you can gleefully ignore them or gleefully follow them, but since you are comatose, i'm not sure how gleefully fits into any of this.    mikey's homage to treadmarks   treadmarks addons and mods   and these are other sites, ran by other people, that also deal with treadmarks... the official home of treadmarks : LongBow Digital Arts   the official treadmarks forums at LongBow Digital Arts  
small1 well, that should do it for the moment.... hopefully, it won't be another 10 months before i update this page again.

dice once again, for all my alien friends... earth date: Saturday, November 03, 2001
dice so much to do and so little time to do it in. hey, i bought myself an apple imac!! yeah!! i have had it 2 weeks now. so, why the heck would i do such a thing? since i am in the "IT field", i have read alot of articles discussing microsoft's new XP operating system, all through the beta phases and now through it's release. and you know what, i am just tired of microsoft. plain and simple.
dice i fooled around with linux for about a month, earlier this year. i bought 6 different distributions with their books, sat down one weekend and blazed through installing all of them on the same computer [one at a time of course]. i would install a linux distribution, then i would "muck around in it" and try this or that, then i would format the hard drive and install the next distribution, and i did this 6 times, i had caldera, red hat, suse, turbolinux, mandrake, and corel.
dice my 2 favorites were caldera and corel... but corel is no longer doing linux which is too bad... the other unfortunate items with corel is that they used the debian linux distribution, which is technically harder than other distributions, and corel then made it a non-standard distribution. yikes! talk about complaints in the newsgroups. but it was the most "windows like" of all of the distributions, and they automatically assumed that you wanted to connect to a windows network, so samba was installed and configured correctly. they did a nice job on the installation, but it was hard to install software afterwards, and the whole point is moot since corel is no longer doing linux. oh well...
dice i liked caldera, since it was the only distribution that found my plug and play ISA sound blaster 16 card and configured it during the installation. that was very nice. i don't understand why other distributions can't do the same thing. it was also pretty painless to install software afterwards, and then find the software and use it. caldera also supports novell netware servers, and i was able to find, connect to, and browse my novell server at work.
dice suse is also a pretty slick distribution of linux. red hat was odd in that once i installed it and rebooted, it needed to find my serial mouse again. turbolinux was an odd installation, but mandrake was a nice installation. the other interesting notes with linux is the popularity of the different distributions around the world. suse linux is the favorite in europe, turbolinux seems to be the distribution of choice in asia, and red hat linux has the north american market. mikey's choice of linux distributions would be either caldera or suse.
dice which brings me back to my imac. listen up folks, if you are thinking about linux, go buy a mac. apple's new operating system, macOS X, is the unix operating system with a macintosh GUI [grahical user interface] on top of it. you get the best of both worlds, unix stability and apple's simple to use windowed interface. the macOS X uses the unix "mach" kernal, on top of that is BSD unix, and on top of that is the apple stuff. and... and... you can walk into a store an buy software for the macintosh, just try that with linux!
dice anyway, before i completely bore you to death, go buy a mac, i did. macOS X is going to be my operating system for the future. i will always have some microsoft computers around [i do have 6 computers at home], but they have win9x on them, and my personal computers will never see XP, that's a promise. i may not be able to avoid XP in the workplace, but my home is a different story.
dice which reminds me... all of the software on my site will always be here. it is easier for me to keep adding than it would be for me to actually do spring cleaning on my site. so don't worry, the software will always be here. what i will be doing in the future, i will be adding a macintosh section, once i figure it all out. and there will be more windows software, just not as much of it, as long as it runs on win9x, i will be happy. i will also pretend to work on more proper english and sentence structure. i know that i have promised this in the past, and i will promise this for the future. fortunately, we are always in the present, so thank you for putting up with my garbled english and thank you for actively reading my ramblings.
ying yang earth date: Sunday, August 19, 2001
ying yang i know i know i know.... i update my site so much, i bet you have trouble keeping up with all of the constant changes... everybody loves poetry, right?? cara sent me a recent email and it had a link to her site,   Cara's Poetry Cove  so i poked around her site some, and found that cara writes some very nice poetry. almost all of her poems are simple, short, and sweet. cara is very prolific with her writing, but the site is pretty easy to navigate. there was even a poem concerning computers and web browsing:  My Wish for You  is rather clever if i must say so myself. anyway, please visit her and enjoy your stay, i have a feeling that you'll like her poetry too.
ying yang well, i know that i am being pretty sensible here, so i'll have to add a dose of senselessness just to balance things [[ hmmm... kind of like the ying yang symbol ]] anywho... looking through cara's site reminded me of my days at uc berkeley. i actually took a poetry class, wrote some poems, and got myself a B+ in the class. i could have received an A if i would have said something, anything during class, but i kept quiet, oh well. but am i going to post any poem i wrote for the world to see??? i don't think so. beg and plead all you want. my poems will never see the light of day. hah! email me! spam me! flame me! it will do you no good. so there. you'll just have to visit cara and read some real poetry instead of my hack poetry.

gold key earth date: Wednesday, March 14, 2001
gold key all your base are belong to us.... yes i have lost all reasoning abilities and the ability to think clearly. so... if you have heard the phrase that pays [all your base are belong to us] or the phrase for great justice, click the link and find out a little bit more about it. {{the videos can also be downloaded from there.}} hey, it's not like you're joining a cult or anything like that. so tell your mom that mikey says that all this AYBABTU is ok, or look yourself in the mirror and repeat to yourself that you are happily employed and that you will be at work tomorrow morning on time! no cult brain washing going on here. oh... and if i haven't said it before, i will say it now... you are one very beautiful person!! and don't let anyone else tell you differently. mikey said so.

lock earth date: Sunday, August 06, 2000
lock okokokokokok, jeepers, 2 months and all i did was update some www addresses that changed. what i did do of note is pass some more certification tests. yesiree!!! i be now A+, Network+, i-Net+, CNE netware v4.11 and CNE netware v5 certified. [[not certifiable, just certified]] lock [[[ for those who need more of a hint with that obscure joke reference.... ]]] lock [[[[not certifiable.. ie crazy, loony]]]] lock {{{{oh nevermind}}}} lock {{{just go away already}}} lock {{on second thought, you stay, i'll go away}} lock (((normal programming now returns))) lock and i've yet to take any stupid microsoft tests!!! that makes me very happy!! my personal experience with both novell netware and microsoft nt is that netware is simply just easier to install, setup, administer, and maintain. period. and "in general" and "on the whole" and "overall" netware is much more stable and reliable that nt. i will consider myself a very lucky person indeed if i am able to keep "win nt" and "windows 2000" at a minimum in my life, at least as far as servers go. desktops and workstations are a completely different story. but with servers, give me netware or give me death.
lock anyway, i would probably say the same thing about unix servers, but i have no experience with them. maybe i'll get lucky one of these days....

small computer earth date: Sunday, June 04, 2000
small computer you know what, besides being one lazy son-of-a-gun and not updating anything on my site for more than 9 whole months... i just realized that my site has been up on our glorious internet now for more than 2 years!!! yup!!! the last week of feb 1998 was when i first uploaded my pages. jeepers, that seems like such a long time ago! and i have not changed any of the original pages either. all i have done is kept adding and adding and adding.
small computer will i ever learn?!?!?! actually, i'm feeling nostalgic. wow, 2 years... i would like to thank everyone who has visited my pages [you know who you are!] and i would like to thank everyone who has emailed me over the past 2 years and 3 months [and you know who you are!]. so thank you to everyone who knows who they are! and if you don't know who you are, look on the inside lining of your jacket, your mom probably sewed your name tag there.

mouse earth date: Thursday, October 14, 1999
mouse i am happy to report that many new and wonderous things have been added to my web site since last time. well... ok, new is a definite maybe. wonderous? you would have to tell me; i tend to find all things both marvelous and wonderful at the same time!
mouse i have now added screenshots and reviews for my programs on pages 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, on my mp3 page, and on my download page!!!! and!! and!! i added a guestbook, but not just any guestbook, it is a geographical location only guestbook!
mouse the only thing i care about is what part of the world you are from. i don't want your name, email address, or anything else (though you can add them if you choose to). just where you are from, plain and simple. it's brand new, so i might be the only entry in it, but that's ok. i've gotten used to my oh so sad and lonely life as a computer person. sniff sniff... anyway, don't give me your pity, just your geographic location [conan would be pleased, better than mr. segueway himself!]!!
mouse what does the future hold??? well, i am hoping to add a page concerning the 6581 SID chip, [SID:sound interface device], some SID songs, some SID players, and some 6581 SID history. the 6581 chip is the sound chip in the C64. i never owned a Commodore 64, but at least i can enjoy the music created with its sound chip. since its release back in the early eighties, people from around the world have been creating music with the 6581. pretty amazing!! a good 6581 SID site. enjoy!

gold key earth date: Monday, August 16, 1999
gold key mp3 mp3 mp3... my brain is going to explode!!! see what the mess is all about!
gold key {yes, i'll clean it up.}
gold key my mp3 2xtreme downloads

gold key earth date: Thursday, August 12, 1999
gold key newly expanded deepwell download page!! a must see!! i must say so!

lock earth date: Thursday, August 05, 1999
lock i know it's been a good 6 months since a major update in my pages. sorry about that! what you'll find is... well... not much. sorry! really, i am terribly sorry!! i'm down on bended knee asking forgiveness!! but i still hear you mocking me! i'm grovelling at your feet, begging for forgiveness!!! i've tried the best that i can! i'm so sorry, so very very sorry, i'll add more programs! you just wait and see!
lock but all i hear is this insane laughter drilling into my brain and slowly ripping me apart, gnawing at the fiber of my soul and laying bare the worthlessness of my life. well, go ahead, mock me and my pitiful attempts at restitution. i don't care anymore!
lock look what i've got!!! 6 new freeware pages!!! see!! look!!! go ahead and look!!! well... like i said, there ain't much there right now, but i'm working on it. geesh! cut me some slack! hey! those clever email tags don't just fall out of the sky! and even if they did, i'm inside on my computer, so what good would that do me? and who even needs to go outside anyway?!?! it's just time away from my computer!!!!! AND, i might add, my computer knows when i am not paying enough attention to it! so excuse me, but the love of my life is beckoning, calling me to come and frolick in its digital world! ahhhh, love at last!
freeware page 11  freeware page 12  freeware page 13  freeware page 14  freeware page 15  freeware page 16

file envelope earth date: Tuesday, July 06, 1999
okokokokokokokokokokok, so it's been a long time since i paid attention to my web site. so i've totally ignored everything. so i let it all go to heck. so i've been feeling sorry for myself. so i have to go to bed at a decent time. so i'm employed now. so i can't play as many games. so i've been a bad boy. so... so... [and you say:] "i darn socks too" [ok, blame my brother]. so - sew - sewing - darning - knitting - nevermind - nirvana - it's late - beddy bye time!
file envelope sew then, just what the heck did i change? well... i updated some links that went bad. i was also presented with another award!!! who could have guessed! this will be posted soon! my other major accomplishment was not posting a piece of freeware by the mysterious bobbo [aka joshua emele], even though i kind-of told him i would do it back in january. so here it is: bobbo ip 57.6KB zipped in size!! it checks your ip address. simple. clean. small. cool. and no install program needed! just double click the executable, click the button, and you have your current ip address as assigned by your isp. my brother and his friend have used "bobbo ip" to coordinate their ip addresses to play civ2 over the www. hey! it works and it's free! life is beautiful! and speaking of a bountiful, blessed, beautiful life, i'm doing ok, and thanks for asking!
post it small computer small1 dice ying yang  earth date: Monday, March 29, 1999
yikes!!! what's up with the images??? has he finally run out of ideas??? will there be no more creative convulsions of wit and word??? did his brain finally explode and does someone need to go check on him to make sure his grey matter did not splatter into his floppy drive bay???
post it small computer small1 dice ying yang actually, all i did was get a job!!! at 40, i have started my 2nd career as a network admin! and boy!!! am i tired!! i'll tell you more later, but instead of going to bed at 5 in the morning, i get to wake up at 6 in the morning! anyway, i will try to update my pages when i can, but i have lost my luxury of time. it's worth it though, working with computers is fun fun fun!!! hah! bet you're jealous!!!

small1 earth date: Saturday, January 23, 1999.
small1 another update!!! so soon!!! hmmm... he must be up to something... and indeed i am! just spent all week making changes to my meta tags; specifically, the key words and description. the stuff that search engines use. man! wish i didn't have soooo many pages! but, you know, it's worth it. anywho (not how but who, you see, i'm being clever. what? you find that hard to believe? oh, nevermind). i plan to add more freeware here in the next week or two. and if i tell you, the viewing public, then i will be forced by guilt to actually do the work and add them to my pages.
small1 it's such an insidious plan, but it just might work. anywho, since i am trying to be gainfully employed, i won't have the luxury of time anymore to laboriously slave over my web site. i'm done playing games [yeah, right], i'm done being a goof-off [yeah, right], it's time to pay attention to my mistress, the love of my life, the twinkle in my eye and the sparkle in my step [since when do steps sparkle?]. i cherish every moment with her... my web site!

awards page link!!! jenifer9 award mikey's award from the ever gracious jenifer9!!
post it earth date: Thursday, January 14, 1999.
post it okokokok, i know i know i know! geeesh! so it's been almost 3 months since i updated my pages, what is this anyway? you would think that this is the internet or something, where if it's not updated daily, you're left in the dust, lying on your back, crying so hard you're forming pools of tears in your eardrums!!! what? oh... ummmmm... ok, nevermind. but don't worry though, i'm fine, really! besides, men don't cry ;-)
post it so just what the heck have i been doing that is oh so important and critical and precious??? so urgent and pressing that i would actually not update my web pages, my life blood on the internet, for almost 3 months [you ask me, demanding to know]???? did i get a job yet? nope! not yet, but i am actively looking! (ok, so i just started this last weekend!) ((there, satisfied?)) well then (you ask sternly) i better have found myself a woman and spent all of my time with her; since that would be excusable for not updating my website for so long!!! well.... no.    but hey, who needs a loving relationship when we have the internet!!!!
post it holding back your shock at my seemingly callous nature towards the internet (and life), you ask me one last question... i must have then spent the holidays visiting friends and family, reveling in the good cheer of the holidays and enjoying the comraderie and fellowship of the yule tide season! well.... some, but not that much.
post it holy smokes!!! you blurt out. what the heck did i do then??? well, if you must know, i did pass my certification tests for Novell!!! i took the last 5 tests and passed them all, so i am now a CNE!! yeah!! (and i passed all of my certification tests on the first try, too!) other than that, i played some computer games and goofed off. what a life!! and, thanks for asking!

awards page link!!! april's award mikey's award from the priceless and inestimable april of april's place!!
dice earth date: Wednesday, October 28, 1998.
dice i'm back from london!! the whole vacation is still a blur, there's an awful lot to see and do, and i did my darndest to see it all!! england is very interesting! besides the roundabouts, they have really old buildings [not like in america where old is 100 years], try 700 to 1000 year old castles and cathedrals!! and you know what else is weird, there's dead guys every where in these buildings. i suppose if you think about it, it is not weird. but since i had not thought about it before, it was kind of weird. you could not walk through some of the minsters (cathedrals) without stepping on somebody!! the dead guys were every where! now, if you are truly bored and want to read about my trip, click the link and enjoy.   mikey's trip to england!   but on to more important matters... webpage updates! [[and notice that i'm avoiding the issue of turning 40 years old]] i've added my two newest awards from Carl, and J.Lauri. the links are to the award that they bestowed on yours truly! i am truly one happy dude! 
dice i have also received musings from two more people that gave me awards!! yeah!! pandora, from australia, and eva, from sweden, decided to grace my pages with some of their thoughts. i must be the luckiest man alive!! well, i can't think of anything else to add at this moment. [and yes, i did enjoy myself in london, i just walked lightly in certain places] also, my site search java script should be up and running in another week. and don't be shy about those job offers either!! ok?!?!
all praise and glory!! visa has such a generous and giving nature!! we are forever indebted to it!
ying yang geesh! it's already Monday, October 5, 1998.
ying yang time sure is flying by! i'll be turning 40 in a couple of days [okok... oct 8th]. in one week, i will be finished with my novell classes. then i'll be gone for 10 days to london, england. then, when i get back, i'll start my class in windows NT, and i will confidently take and pass my 5 remaining certification tests for novell. AND... i will [actually and actively] be looking for a job! finally and at last!! so if anyone out there wants to hire me.... no problem. if it is outside of the sacramento, calif. area, no problem. i'll postpone windows NT. anyway, from what i hear, novell is a lot harder to learn, and i did not think novell was all that hard, [hint:it does pay if you study].
ying yang so please forgive me if i totally ignore my web site for the next month or two [until the middle of november 1998 at least]. i have also received 2 more awards [which brings the total to 30], so i will be adding those soon (another one from sweden (that makes 3 now) and one from california). pretty cool! oh yes... for the intellectually curious, for the completely bored, if you just gotta know...
awards page link!!! cricketmoon award mikey's award from the always so thoughtful cricketmoon!!
BOY!!! it's about time!!! he finally made changes to his web pages!! so much for the dynamic nature of the web!!! yeah!!!! well, if i had my way, this dynamic nature would be lucky to change once every three months!!! don't mind me, i just like to whine and complain. oh, right, today's date: Tuesday, September 29, 1998 
so here we go... the new pages:  
dog5.gif: freeware page 10  
heart.gif: links for the better half of mankind (or... to be painfully clear... links for women)  
pad.gif: copyright information, the 11th commandment, and web prestige 
wav0 gif listen to more college radio !!!!!!!!!!!!!  
clock gif page of evil 2 [when will this insanity stop?!?!?!?] java games! 
bill nye gif hero worship!! 

small computer earth date: Tuesday, August 11, 1998 [for all of my alien friends out there.]  
small computer major update to my pages, i have finally posted all 28 awards from 7 businesses and 21 individuals. these awards are from a mixture of web designs firms, graphics designers, and individuals who care about the quality of personal home pages on the internet. also, as best as i can tell, 19 are from the US (where i live) and 9 are international (sweden[2], netherlands, england, scotland, australia, canada[2], and france). i have asked the 21 individuals for their thoughts and/or musings as to why they bother and why they do what they do; and i have received 6 musings, 2 are in progress, and 1 polite declination. these can be viewed on the appropriate award page. 
small computer on july 29th, i took 4 certification tests and passed all 4 (2 A+ and 2 novell). so i am now A+ certified and a CNA (five more to go for the CNE). i am happy anyway. 
small computer in the near future, i will be adding another freeware page. i have run across some more freeware programs that i have found useful. also, while perusing some home pages created by women and graphic designers, i have found some causes and issues which i agree with. so i will also be adding them to my site, somehow and somewhere. now all i need is time. (but what else is new?) 
small computer and for those of you keeping score... i first posted my site, on this marvelous new fangled world wide web, the last week of february, 1998. my how time flies! [oh yes, this page (proverbial more) first showed up 8/11/98]



the devils panties honest the devil's panties, a pretty awesome web comic by jennie breeden
and it's not what you might think, tis very clever and artistic. mikey likes! and... and...
she had so many cool link pictures i just could not decide on only one. you're welcome!

the devils panties a reality comic the devils panties good and evil the devils panties wears boots the devils panties and a leaf blower
and here is another small little section of more web comics that i am going to keep at the bottom. enjoy!
girls with slingshots
girls with slingshots by danielle corsetto
sore thumbs
sore thumbs by owen gieni & chris crosby
diesel sweeties
diesel sweeties by richard stevens

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