Pass the Pigs aka Pigmania

A Very Basic Explanation:  

If you don't know how to play, check out the rules.

[the rules page opens a new browser page so you can refer to the rules during a game.]
[this allows you to continue playing the same game and read the rules whenever you need to.]

Refer to the table below for an explanation of the points that each pig position is worth.

If you roll a... You will get... If you roll a... You will get...
Razorback razor back   5 points Double Razorback razor back razor back   20 points
Trotter trotter   5 points Double Trotter trotter trotter   20 points
Snouter snouter   10 points Double Snouter snouter snouter   40 points
Leaning Jowler leaning jowler   15 points Double Leaning Jowler leaning jowler leaning jowler   60 points
Pig Out dot no dot   0 points Sider dot dot   Or   no dot no dot   1 point
Oinker oinker Back to zero Mixed Combo snouter razor back Combined score

Pig fans should e-mail Gary at and tell him how you did against the computer. If you want, you can even download a copy of the game that you can play locally on your computer.

this was the home page for pass the pigs: [], but for some strange reason, Hasbro has closed down his site. pretty stupid if you ask me. go see the message Gary has posted concerning this sad turn of events.


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