counter holy donut hole!! you are so lucky that you got thru! by golly!! an infinite number of people have visited my page since... i actually don't remember since when, and you know what, i don't even care!! that right, you young whippersnappers, I DON'T CARE! now you youngin's just leave me alone! go play those silly games up top... as long as your browser supports java applets that is. WHAT?? it doesn't!!! ain't that too bad!!! boo hoo!!! you know what!!! I DON'T CARE!! this is a page of evil!! and you internet explorer v3.0 users, your browser won't run the stupid java scripts at the bottom of this page!! but you know what!!! I DON'T CARE!! this is my page of evil. I USE NETSCAPE NAVIGATOR v3 AND EVERYTHING WORKS JUST FINE!!! NETSCAPE COMMUNICATOR WORKS JUST FINE TOO!!! so don't go whining to me. because you know what?!?!?
download netscape.gif: netscape
I DON'T CARE!! oh.. boo hoo again. makes me wanna cry. NOT! you know what?!?! it makes me wanna barf! that's what!!! i keep a paper bag right next to my computer just for those situations!!! this framed page was just an experiment to see how different browsers react to java and frames. and you know what?!?!? netscape does fine. okokok, IE4 also does fine. IE3 won't do the java scripts at the bottom. opera does not support java applets. mosaic doesn't do frames, so none of this is even visible. but what is cool... LYNX, a text based browser imported from unix to win95. there are no images, but you can view the individual framed pages. the frames show up as clickable links so you can go check out what is on each page. well, i thought is was cool.
download lynx friendly gif white lynx here     OR     download lynx friendly gif pink lynx here
awww... now you're pulling at my heart strings... sure, just rip my heart out and throw the dripping bloody mass against the wall!!! so quit your whining and go download netscape!!! or better yet, go download LYNX and use it!! you'll be a better person for it!! ok, don't worry, i'll go away now. and thanks for brightening my day!!