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Thursday, November 06, 2003

go now and sign up for their free newsletter. if your time is precious, cancel all others and read only lockergnome. a superior site with an awesome newsletter for news about windows freeware and shareware. chris pirillo is the head lockergnomie and does all of the newsletter contents. he is also very prolific about tips and shortcuts with all of the flavors of windows.
brainbuzz is also a great site and has a newsletter for computer news and any news concerning certification on any of the various computer industry standards. [[when i was getting certified for the novell CNE tests and the various comptia tests, this is where i went to get help.]] this guy named "furo" is in charge there, and he does an outstanding job of creating useful content with his newsletter, which is known as the cramsession newsletter
lockergnome.gif: now, there was one point in my life, early in 2001, where i had so many newsletters that i just up and cancelled all of them, except for lockergnome and brainbuzz. those were the only 2 that i actually looked forward to getting. so those were the only two i kept. now, what is interesting, {around april 2001} chris at lockergnome annouced that he was starting a lockergnome tech specialist newsletter, and some guy named "furo" was going to be in charge of it. boy, was i one happy camper! it turns out that both chris pirillo and "furo" [aka randy nieland] are buddies and they both live in the state of iowa. the world is a funny place... i've been getting newsletters for several years now, and the lockergnome newsletter   and   the lockergnome tech specialist newsletter   and   the brainbuzz/cramsession newsletter   are still the only ones that i enjoy getting and reading. i hope this doesn't mean that i have to move to iowa, it snows there.
and before i forget.... a good site for technical information on computers, networks, etc etc... is Search Networking.   it's just a good site, period! the reviews and articles are well written, technical but easy to understand, and can be quite lengthy, but that's good though. http://www.searchnetworking.com/  they also has a newsletter that i have come to enjoy, but then, i am a computer geek at heart.
if what you crave is news about the "computer industry", the register is the site for you! it is based in jolly ol' england, but the news is relevant and they take no prisoners! i like this site alot!!! the register, biting the hand that feeds IT
still not satisfied?!?!? then you need to visit BBspot. it will tickle your funny bone and put this whole IT business in perspective. BBspot publishes satirical news stories and other comedy pieces. it is definitely worth your browsing time!!! it is just plain hilarious at times.   BBspot
and speaking of hilarity... i would be remiss if i did not mention the user friendly comic strip web site. ok, so my sense of humor is a little warped to the tech side. i don't mind, but thank you for asking.

htmlgoodies2.gif: html goodies 
an excellent, excellent site for relevant and practical information on html and web pages. i got lucky when i found this site. i have been back many times.

javascript1.gif: Java script source 
need a java script? need help? need to get a clue? check out the scripts that are posted or use the forums to have that nagging question answered. an excellent site!!!! this is where i got all of my java scripts from!!

javaboutique1.gif: Java boutique 
need java applets? lacking fulfillment because what you have doesn't work? search no further, browse their wares and fill your void and leave the site as one happy camper.

the free site.gif: the free site 
hey! yeah you. don't be looking around cause i'm talking to you. yeah, that's right, you. just calm down and take a gander at all of this stuff; and because i consider you a close, personal friend, i'll give this stuff to you for free. wait a minute, just slow down, don't be telling me there's no such thing as a free lunch. just take a look around. the author has taken considerable time to research all of it. and, yeah, it's free. this is a good, well organized, easy to navigate, and large site. everything you could possibly want, need, have, desire, covet, or crave can be found here. to quote the author's own words: 
"A helpful, one-stop resource for finding the vast number of freebies that are scattered across the Internet."

award page link!!! nervous rat mikey's award from the nervous rat!! java anyone?
monash_home.gif: homepage for this australian university monash_win95_theme.gif: windows themes 
the world is a strange place. monash university has taken upon itself to collect every known theme in existence (at least it seems that way). now this is the beautiful part, all themes are categorized so they are easy to find. the site is easy to navigate and very friendly. who would have known? the descriptions are brief, but enough to give you a good idea of what a particular theme is about. they even have program utilities for themes. talk about theme heaven! you have to go see it for yourself. (hmmm, i get this strange feeling that i am repeating myself). [[note to myself:Friday, October 02, 1998]] the monash themes has moved to a new location. evidently it just got too big. there are now over 3,000 different themes!! amazing! click above to go to the new theme world, or click here.


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