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Wednesday, November 05, 2003

ying yang gif

umm...more freeware...yeah! that's right!!

computer gif yesiree folks, what we have here is a true mish mosh... or is it a mish mash??? anyway, more freeware as i become aware of it!! and my level of awareness is so high, so sharp, so keen, so... so... intune with the happenings and going ons, that my brain literally explodes from time to time. don't worry though, i'm used to it, and the mess isn't that bad. we only use 10% of our brain anyway, right? and when i shake my head around, the sloshing sound isn't that bad. hey! you learn to deal with it, adapt, and move on. it's such a small price to pay for such an endowed sense of awareness! so browse, visit, download, and enjoy! life can be so wonderful at times!!!  

disk data gif DISKdata by Digital Information Gallery          arrowsLR.gif:          yes! mikey has got screenshots! {{download too}} 
are you a visual person? do you like bar graphs and pie charts? and are you the curious type? do you have to know... do you need to know... which files are using up your precious hard drive? this is one very nice program!!! a lot of other functions are built in as well. it's a good program, a delight to use, and it's freeware!! it blows my mind man!! to help you understand your hard drive storage situation, one picture can be worth a thousand words ((and no, that's not why i have so many screen shots on my pages! ok! so don't be bugging me about my screen shots! ok! i like pretty pictures! nice pictures! happy pictures! i like being in my happy place! lalalalalalala...))  

power zip gif PowerZip by Dimitri Ternovski          arrowsLR.gif:          show me what you've got! screenshots!
once again, i would like to tell the collective internet community to stop recommending winzip as the ultimate zip tool. it's not that easy to use (and yes, i have tried), and it costs money. envelope hey folks, it's not free, and if you don't pay up it nags you! why do we put up with that!!! the vast majority of us simply want an easy way to unzip files. sometimes, you might want to create a zip file. envelope PowerZip is easy to use and easy to setup! if all you want....   is to have the capability to unzip files, and|or compress files or folders into a zipped file (and yes it preserves the directory structure), save your money, save your time, and don't get ripped off with winzip. i'm sure winzip is a fine program, but all you need is PowerZip!! envelope hey!!! is anybody listening to me out there!!!!! how long am i going to have to rant about this compression issue!!! every where i go... it's winzip, winzip, winzip... it's enough to make me bang my head against the nearest wall!!!! file what is wrong with people!?!? why is everyone so entrenched with "commercial software"?!?!? PowerZip works! PowerZip is intuitive! PowerZip is easy to use! PowerZip will fulfill all of your zipping needs!!! and PowerZip is free??????   file well... it was last year, now it's $20 shareware. it's a good deal and a good program!! i use powerzip! so quit your whining!! file go to the homepage, download it, use it, and put that smile back on your face!!! for myself, i've got to find the nearest wall, bang my head a few times, and release my frustration with the "so-called free-form internet community that does nothing but recommend costly commercial software to cure what ails you!" ARGH!
sunglasses [please see the screenshot page for info on PowerZip] {{and the freeware download}} [{the freeware version is v4.5b1}]   [{the current version of powerzip (as of Wednesday, August 16, 2000 in any event) is version 5.2}] [{(which, i'll have you know, i did purchase. hey, it's easier to use than winzip!)}] sunglasses
sunglasses sunglasses nuts.... curse me if you want to, i do deserve it, for clogging up this page with so much useless drivel. today is Wednesday, November 05, 2003, and powerzip is up to version 6.5, but it is still $20 shareware.... at least the price did not go up in 3 years!! sunglasses sunglasses
[[and before i forget, if you want a good "bare bones" zip|unzip program, go look at FreeZip, i have it on my freeware page 1. FreeZip does nothing but zip or unzip. and you know what, it is easy to use and it works. PowerZip has more features and allows you to look inside a zip file and view its contents. they are both good! FreeZip is DOS based while PowerZip is windows9x friendly, with a windowed interface and all that.]]  

country codes gif Country Codes by Jason DeCarteret          arrowsLR.gif:          screenshots to gawk at and admire! 
you type in the name of a country, and it gives you the two letter country code. you type in the two letter country code, and it gives you the name of the country. if you type in only the first letter of the country code, it will tell you if more than one country matches that letter. simple, easy to use, practical, works, and it's free!!! really now, what more could you possibly want?!?!? download Country Codes by Jason DeCarteret 20KB zippped  

net launch gif Net Launch by Robert Simpson          arrowsLR.gif:          let's rock and roll! screenshots! 
this program is a dial up enhancement for windows95. you copy shortcuts into the "launch list" folder of any program that you want to start automatically when you establish an internet connection. pretty simple really, not much configuration involved, it works, and it's freeware!!! it allows for multiple dial up setups (ok, so that's a mouthful), and if you actually wanted to, you could start up every single program on your computer each time you connected to the internet (pretty senseless, even for me, but you could do it). yup, one program could do it all, so simplify your life by using Net Launch.  

properties plus gif PropertiesPlus by Kish Designs          arrowsLR.gif:          geesh! lighten up on the screenshots already! 
when you right click on a folder or a file, way down at the bottom of the context menu, underneath the "windows95" properties choice, is where you will find the choice titled: properties plus. this is a slick little program that safely gives you more options on file maintenance and manipulation. you most likely will not use this program every single day, but when you do, you will be glad that you have it. a well written program and very easy to use!  

clipboard gif Transparent by Jay Guerette          arrowsLR.gif:          screenshot?? but.. it's transparent?!?! 
excellent... excellent little program!!! definitely freeware!!! it's amazing how different your desktop looks after you have used this program! i'm a convert!! i'm just glad that i don't have to join some cult and live in a compound where i have to grow a vegetable garden using only my bare hands!!! now that would be work! so use transparent instead, i will thank you, jay (the author) will thank you, and your parents won't have to deprogram you later.  

free solitaire gif Free Solitaire by Michael McCulloch          arrowsLR.gif:          screenshots! info! and download! a triple threat! 
you know the best thing about this program is the rules. you can actually understand them! now how about that! they are clear and easy to understand. you get the eight solitaire games that are listed below, so if you have never played one of these games, you can actually read the rules and understand how to play the game. simplicity is amazing at times. the "user interface" is also well done! hey, you can't go wrong with Free Solitaire!! 
1. Forty Thieves 
2. Free Cell 
3. Indian Patience 
4. Klondike 
5. Montana 
6. Pyramid 
7. SeaHaven Towers 
8. Spider 

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