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Tuesday, November 04, 2003

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the sound of things

computer gif maybe you can tell me why... why have i listed so many freeware sound programs???!! for all of the events on my computer, i have the sound turned off! for any theme i use on my computer, i turn the sound off! so why do i have this compulsion to collect wav files?? midi files?? talk about taking up hard disk space!!! why do i have this need to download and try any new freeware sound editor or player that i run across???!! any homepage i end up visiting, that has sound, the first thing i look for is the stop button. it's not that i don't like odd sounds or cheesy organ music; i love that stuff!! i used to listen to Dr. Demento religiously while i was in high school back in the early seventies! also, i used to search through the bargain basement records and buy any and all cheesy organ music i could find (yes, LP records at that!). i am genuinely puzzled. 
computer gif i don't think that it is an age difference... at home, i listen to KDVS (see my page: listen to the radio). i am lucky to actually live close enough to pick them up over the radio airwaves. KDVS broadcasts at a powerful and mighty 5000 watts (talk about range!!!???), but where else can i get my daily fix for punk, speed, industrial, and hardcore??!! [[now don't go stereotyping, after all, i was an accountant for 15 years. the one ragged edge to my life happens to be my musical tastes]]. otherwise, i do like to think that i am normal. [[and don't be emailing me about what normal is or isn't and any social implications thereof; i spent 5 years at UC Berkeley and enjoyed every minute of it. so i have a good understanding of what the words "alternate lifestyle" means]]. 
computer gif maybe i am just a freeware junkie??!! maybe...since i listen to KDVS while i surf, i don't like other sounds intruding??!! maybe i'm making a big deal over nothing??!! maybe i'm just nuts??!! but compared to my other freeware pages, i have spent more time on this sound page than the others. go figure! but then again, you most likely don't care. so while i'm banging my head against the nearest wall, download some of these programs. and most importantly: use them and ENJOY them!!

wav players, oh yeah, midi players too!  
computer gif so you want to play wav files! so you want to play midi files! so you want to be able to search through your hard drives and directory folders for your midi and wav files! so you want world peace, economic equality, and fair distribution of the world's resources to all of its inhabitants! well... let's talk about playing those wav files. okokok, so you want a new era of tolerance and understanding, where we trust and help our neighbors instead of hiding from them in fear! ummm... ok, let's talk about playing those midi files. sigh... why won't you let me believe what i read in the newspaper and see on tv, that my computer is all that matters and being wired into the WWW is all i need to make my life richer and happier??? ummm... let me think about it, ok? 
computer gif with this group of freeware programs, you can play wav files, some of them can play midi files. you can look through your directories and hard drives, cruise all over the place, and discover just where you hid all of them. if you are like me, i've got them strewn all over the place. why stick your wav files in just one directory where they would be easy to find? it is much more fun to have to hunt down that one file, i have always enjoyed cursing at my computer for playing such mean tricks on me. anyway, though these programs won't organize your life for you, they will help you track down those lost wavs files. they are all quality programs that works as advertised!!  
audition.gif: homepage Audition by Gregory Braun          arrowsLR.gif:          perceive a screenshot! and download  
wav_player.gif: WavPlay by Philip Robinson          arrowsLR.gif:          view a screenshot!  
wavbrowzer.gif: WAV Browser by Daniel Gilbert PC Consulting          arrowsLR.gif:          see a screenshot!  
waveman.gif: download WaveMan by TYPSoft          arrowsLR.gif:          glimpse a screenshot! (opps, and download)  
midiman.gif: download MidiMan by TYPSoft          arrowsLR.gif:          behold a screenshot! (opps, and download)

"juke box" players, so called for a good reason! 
computer gif ok, so there is this void in your life. yeah, i can play wav files; but i want to be able to select a whole bunch of them and play them continuously while i work on a spreadsheet or type up a letter. what? you also want social justice and gender equality!! ummm... how about using one of these feature packed freeware programs to play an audio cd with more controls and clean, easy to use interfaces?!! what's that?? you also want to end hunger and the so called low income housing shortage by rallying against the wanton greed and blind capitalistic nature of the current market place structure, which rewards profits at all cost over basic human dignity and needs!! okok, i'm still thinking about, ok!! 
computer gif these three freeware programs allow to play and save lists of wav files, midi files, and other sound formats (as long as you have the proper mci drivers[this one i am still trying to figure out!]). audio cd's can also be played. they are feature rich and easy to use. if you love to hear sound coming from those expensive computer speakers you bought for that immersive gaming experience, then you will be happy with any of these programs! enjoy!  
music_player.gif: Music Player by William Loring (and download)          arrowsLR.gif:          ascertain a screenshot!  
randomedia.gif: RandoMedia by Stephen Kazmierczak (and download)          arrowsLR.gif:          observe a screenshot!  
juke1.gif: Juke by Wolfgang Loch (info and download)          arrowsLR.gif:          experience a screenshot!

the time domain versus the frequency domain... 
which one truly represents sound?!?!?!? 
the debate rages on!
computer gif do you need to be able to see what sound looks like? do you want to be able to manipulate your wav files? do you want to be able to edit your sound files to suit your needs? what? you need to have your voice heard! you want the right of free speech protected! well... how about a freeware program where you can record your voice. huh? you want people to hold themselves accountable for their actions; you want people to treat others as they themselves would like to be treated; you want people to realize that freedom and responsibility is like a double edged sword which will cut both ways if not handled properly to guard against the selfish actions of a few power hungry individuals! honestly... i'm still thinking about it, ok!! 
computer gif these freeware programs are pretty cool. you can edit wav files in just about any way imaginable. create new and unique sounds! amaze your friends! amaze yourself! i amaze myself all the time, but then i'll also watch the teletubbies in apt rapture! you can do some amazing things with these programs, they seem well written and would even make the most hardcore enthusiast happy! now, only if i knew what i was doing... anyway, enjoy!  
waveflow.gif: Wave Flow by Xavier Cirac Vidal          arrowsLR.gif:          look at a screenshot! (and download)  
spectrogram.gif: Spectrogram by Richard Horne          arrowsLR.gif:          peep at a screenshot! 
frequency_analyzer.gif: Frequency Analyzer by Reliable Software          arrowsLR.gif:          gaze at a screenshot!  
expander.gif: Expander by TOTH Laszlo          arrowsLR.gif:          glance at a screenshot and download!

the events on your computer sound good!  
computer gif ok, you've been making me do alot of thinking on this page. and... my brain is full, my head hurts, and i am starting to feel dizzy. there can only be one logical solution (opps, sorry, did i say logical? i really meant to say senseless!). there can only be one senseless solution! anarchy! that's right, total anarchy on your desktop and in your computer! these two freeware programs will help you to achieve that perfected state of sound anarchy! (besides, i'm tired of banging my head against a wall. it just doesn't accomplish anything!) these programs allow you to associate just about any sound you could desire to just about any event that windows could throw at you! randomize the sounds to your hearts content! they are easy to use and work pretty darn well! enjoy!!  
switcheroo.gif: Switcheroo by Nigel R. Magnay          arrowsLR.gif:          perceptibility of a screenshot!  
sound_event_editor.gif: Sound Event Editor 97 by Gregory T.Jones          arrowsLR.gif:          manifestation of a screenshot!

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