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Tuesday, November 04, 2003

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a potpourri of programs

computer gif we all have good intentions, i know i sure did. i was going to group the programs on my freeware pages in some kind of logical order that would astound my friends and amaze you, the dearly beloved surfer. as it is turning out, i realize that i am actually befuddling friends and surfers alike, who stumble from my pages dumbfounded with disbelief, mumbling for help, and bumping into their furniture. that is why i am now advocating thickly padded carpet in all rooms and raising my voice to make all household furnishings with rounded corners only. this would go a long way in making our domestic dwellings safe again! 
computer gif well, since i am on a roll, i ain't stopping now!! continuing my fine tradition of grouping programs together with a stream of consciousness frame of mind; thereby, allowing all to tap into their once dormant intuitive abilities and glean from my pages the wisdom that you have come here seeking. some of these freeware programs are just fun to play with. others serve as practical references, while still others serve to enhance the functionality of windows95. check them out and have some fun!

dunce.gif: Dunce by Vector Development 
Dunce stands for Dial-Up Networking Connection Enhancement. Dunce does not replace your dial up program, it merely interfaces with it. basically, it can automate the whole process of connecting to the internet, including any password you need to connect to your internet service provider. you will wonder how you ever got along without it! i barely begin to use all of its features, but i have been one happy camper since i started using it! Dunce is free for non commercial use (ie. personal use in your home). so get it and simplify your life today! (and isn't that why we all have computers anyway??!!???)
did i hear you correctly? why, yes i did! screenshot!

atomtime.gif: AtomTime98 by Bruce Adelsman 
are you like my dad and every clock in the house has to be accurate, down to the second?? do you find yourself calling up time on the phone to see how many seconds your wrist watch has lost or gained?? does it bug you to no end when you look at your computer's clock and you know that the time is off?? well, i can only help you with the last one; otherwise, try to get your hands on some of those happy pills, god knows i've tried! in the meantime, get AtomTime and keep your computer's clock accurate. it is simple, painless, and easy!! if you must use all of a program's features and functions and you like to automate anything and everything, go to the homepage and get AtomTime98 (shareware). for me, i use AtomTime95 v1.1a (freeware), i use the default values, and it works like a charm!! i couldn't be happier!! a wonderful program!!
screenshot! to download v1.1a!! and to pay homage!

word_web_dict.gif: WordWeb Dictionary by Antony Lewis 
evidently, the legend of WordWeb precedes itself. i have seen it on many of the freeware sites that i visit. so i tried it for myself. and you know what?? it's a great dictionary!! i am not saying this because it is freeware, it's a good dictionary!! sometimes, i am completely amazed by the quality of freeware that i see. writing programs is not the easiest thing to do, and writing a quality program is even harder! and then to give it away as freeware just blows my mind, but it does restore my faith in humanity. anyway, as i am want to say: get it! use it! and enjoy!
ohhh! a screenshot!

thesaurus.gif: The Thinking Man's Thesaurus by Kevin Solway 
i consider this thesaurus to be on a par with WordWeb! i don't know...what do you want me to say??? superior! wonderful! life changing! just get it and use it!! i do know you won't regret it!! and to go off on another tangent... i have the highest regard for software authors who write excellent programs and then make them freeware! my pages are full of excellent freeware programs that were written by people who genuinely care. they care that the programs work, are easy to use, serve a purpose, want feedback so they can improve on what they have wrought, and are always interested to hear how their creations have impacted our lives. anyway, before i forget, i just wanted to say THANK YOU to all them for their generous contributions to our computing lives!! 
oh yes... a screenshot of the thesaurus!

lexicon.gif: PC & Internet Lexicon by Cub Lea (at: only freeware) 
sure, you can go down to a bookstore and buy one of those computer-internet dictionaries. the kind that explain the commonly used terms of the web and computers and internet and so on and so forth. but i thought... you know... isn't everything, our whole life... suppose to be on our computers??!!!! that's the buzz, so "they" say. personally, i like my reference books on a printed page, but i am learning to adapt. this internet lexicon is pretty nifty! i could not find a homepage for this program, and the amount of disk space that my isp has allocated to me is rather limited. that's why i can offer only a few programs for downloading. the link above will take you to the "only freeware" site. the lexicon is under the software category "misc".
for your amusement!! a screenshot! [and the download if you must]

computer gif fractals!! yeah!!! one sign of a quality freeware program that i rely on is its ease of use. i'll run the program, look over the options and menu choices, play with the features for 10 minutes or so, and see what happens. these 3 fractals programs (all freeware!!) are not only easy to use, they are also intuitive, well written, powerful, and just plain ol' fun!! so what the heck is a fractal anyway and what do they look like??? Kurt Peterschmidt wrote a very good explanation of fractals, that even i could understand. 
computer gif to read his explanation of what fractals are and to view one, just click this link.
computer gif to view some picture albums of fractals, click here.
computer gif i like fractals despite my futile attempts to understand the mathematical formulas behind them. shoot, i was even a math major at uc berkeley; but that was so long ago, i couldn't do a simple integration problem right now to save my life! so the point i am trying to make here is that these 3 programs are incredibly easy to use!! you don't need to know math. the options and interfaces are simple and intuitive. they draw beautiful pictures and you can zoom in on a particular area to your hearts content! fractals are well suited to computers since ALOT of computations and calculations are done each time an image is displayed. but all that means to you is a patient wait as the fractal is being redrawn each time. you have nothing to lose!! get them and enjoy!!  
aros_fractal_aa.gif: Aros Fractals by ArosMagic          arrowsLR.gif:          ohhh! very nice! screenshot!  
fractal_fun.gif: Fractal Fun by Kurt Peterschmidt : info and download         arrowsLR.gif:         hmmm... very cool! screenshot!  
kaos_rhei.gif: Kaos Rhei Fractals by Björn Ischo: info and download          arrowsLR.gif:          uh huh..my my!! screenshot!

computer gif umm...something!! yeah!! still have time to waste!??!!! these next two freeware programs will fit the bill to a tee!! basically, they are programs to amaze your friends with (but i suppose that depends on who your friends are). now, notwithstanding the high caliber of friends that you, of course, associate with, these programs [CD Equalizer and Cthugha97] will dazzle the eyes and delight the ears!! what the heck am i talking about?!? pretty colors, pretty lines, pretty shapes, pretty images! set to the audio cd of your choice!! pretty cool if you ask me!! but then, you wouldn't be here if you weren't asking me, now would you?!? i know, rather presumptuous, ok, sorry! check them out though, there is some nice programming going on here!!
sunglasses two more programs added (Tuesday, February 02, 1999) sunglasses
Plasma and Dial8 do not need an audio cd to run. you can still play one in the background, which is a good idea [in all actuality]. anyway, eyecandy for the soul, eyecandy for the mind, eyecandy for your well-being!! and you don't need to see a dentist either! life is sweet [pun intended]!!  
cd_equalizer.gif: CD Equalizer by Silent Software -- info and download          arrowsLR.gif:          far out man! a screenshot!  
cthugha.gif: Cthugha97 by Kevin Burfitt          arrowsLR.gif:          oh wow! colors! uh... screenshot!  
color globe Plasma by JCL-Software -- info and download          arrowsLR.gif:          whoa! really! screenshots!  
dr who Dial8 by Rick Tilley -- info and download          arrowsLR.gif:          yippe! hurray! screenshots!

award page link!!! silver lace award mikey's silver lace award from Gunnar in Pixbo, Sweden!

thunder thunder if a program's home page is gone missing, thunder thunder
thunder thunder click the link below and get the program from me!! thunder thunder
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