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Tuesday, November 04, 2003

ying yang gif

something clever of course

computer gif and that is exactly what these freeware programs are! clever, but yet practical. whimsical, but yet useful. fanciful, but yet functional. what is there not to like about these programs!!??! i like them and use them! that should be enough of a recommendation right there! but of course, there are always those doubting toms, and doubting sallys who must see to believe. to be truthful, i am, myself, a doubting mikey. sure, i might go on and on about how great these programs are, how they have turned my life around and helped to make me the respectable, law-abiding citizen that i am today, about how they have turned my pitiful low self esteem into a pillar of confidence that exudes from every pore of my body, about how they have turned my dour expressionless face into a radiant smile, with glistening eyes and lustrous skin tone, not unlike a beacon greeting the world each and every brand new day with the naivete of a new born child. 
computer gif but you probably would not believe me until you have downloaded and tried these programs out for yourself. well, i won't point a finger of blame at anybody BECAUSE i know that, without a doubt, you will not regret getting these programs. but who am i to say anything??!! you don't know who i am! i do feel though, deep down in my heart, that your time will not have been wasted; and that, you too, will develop a shimmering aura of satisfaction and delight as you use these programs to make your life brighter and happier.

computer gif fonts!! yeah!!! ok now, four programs that allow you to view your installed fonts. if they were mousetraps, the world would be beating a path to their doors. i realize that you could use the font viewer that comes with windows95, but why would you want to?? either of these four programs will give you more options, look nicer, and are just as easy to use!! besides, we should support good freeware programs every chance we get!! got it? okokok, so you know, the new versions of font lister and font show are shareware. [note for me : sept 1998] sorry, but they are still nice programs though. and you won't go wrong with either one! [font show is now in ver 2.9 {shareware}] [[font lister is now in ver 3.2.6 {$5 shareware-good price!}]]; [[[AND... font lister ver 2 is still at the site and IS freeware.]]] [[[[font viewer and font view ak are both freeware.]]]]  
font_lister.gif: FontLister by Peter Theill            arroesLR.gif:            wondrously wonderful screenshot! [and download]  
font_show.gif: FontShow by Gregory Braun            arroesLR.gif:            unexpectedly miraculous screenshot! [and download]  
font view ak Font Viewer AK by Anatoly Klassen          arroesLR.gif:          uncommonly stupendous screenshots! [download]  
font viewer pcmag FontViewer by Jake Richter at PC Mag          arroesLR.gif:          lost in amazement! screenshots! [download]

icon_sucker.gif: download IconSucker by Copsey Strain, Inc. - 262K zipped 
do you need icons? do you want icons? do you have to have icons or your brain will explode? IconSucker is an awesome freeware program that will satisfy your icon needs and wants! most application DLLs and programs have icons in them, and with this utility, you can suck those icons right out and save them as bitmap or icon files. most of the icon size images you see on my freeware pages were sucked out of their respective programs using IconSucker. what can i say? i couldn't have done my web site without it!! what will i say? an excellent program which is very easy to use!! screenshot to tantalize and excite!

icon_edit.gif: IconEdit by Michael J. Mefford at PC Magazine 
this is just a cool little program!! i have no artistic talent in any form, way, or shape; but i still enjoy fooling around with IconEdit because it is so easy! this freeware utility allows you to create an icon from scratch, or to modify any existing icon you have. go get it and have some fun!!!!! screenshot and and... ok, the download!

icontoy.gif: IconToy by Arkadiy Istomin 
first of all, this program is shareware; though, when i got it originally way back when, it was freeware. i still included it because i have found IconToy to be quite useful! it scours your entire hard drive for icons and then displays everything it has found in a window. you can then pick and choose what you like and save them in a different file. IconToy will find icons in DLLs and EXE programs; it will also display all icons (ICO) and any bitmaps (BMP) you have as 32x32 icons. the interface is very slick and not like the normal windows we are all familiar with! very very cool indeed! awe inspiring screenshot! [and download]

screen_loupe.gif: Screen Loupe by Software by Design 
ok, so Gregory Braun and Software by Design are one and the same. he has written alot of software that i have enjoyed using! Screen Loupe is another good program that works quite well! it simply magnifies the area under your current mouse position. i haven't used it all that much, but i'm sure that you have more imagination than i do and will find countless ways to put this little gem to work!! sunglasses [note to me : sept 1998] easy come easy go??? the new version of screen loupe is now shareware. however, he still has an early version for downloading, posted at his site, which is still freeware. sunglasses [[note to me again, aug 2000]] well, it used to be posted at his site. but never fear, i've got it here! {hey, that even rhymes} augment the immensity! screenshot! [and download]

screen_ruler.gif: Screen Ruler by Jesse Carneiro 
after wandering through all of my software pages, you can probably tell that i like programs that are, let's say, different. now don't get me wrong, Screen Ruler is a very cool, well written program that will put a vertical and horizontal ruler on your screen, so you can measure your mouse pointer position, pixel by pixel. what category would you include this in? though i have no real use for it, i like this program; it's... neat, cool... i... i don't know, i just like it, ok!?!?!?!!! anyway, this program IS shareware, but i let my emotions overrule my mind on this one. (that's why i included it, you see!!) enough jibberish! i want to see how he managed to get screenshots!

yankee_clipper.gif: Yankee Clipper Plus by Joe LeVasseur 
this totally cool program is a windows clipboard extender and enhancer. you can save a mountain's worth of your cut/copy and pastes! it also comes equipped (ok, so it's a separate little program) with a rather nice calendar that allows you to copy any date in 3 different formats! a boilerplate file editor is also included with Yankee Clipper Plus (ok, it's also a separate little program). the boilerplate allows you to organize and store your clippings, addresses, code snippets, and just about anything else you could desire, into different and easily retrievable categories. SO, order now!! you get... not one... not two... but 3 little, useful, and practical programs in one package!! WOW! life is sweet! but you know what is even sweeter than the so-called ambrosial nectar of the gods!?!? the price! that's right folks, step right up and pay absolutely nothing for this wonder of mankind! Freeware can be so awesome!! what!?!?! three screenshots!!! oh my gosh! oh my gosh!! oh my gosh!!!

rescue.gif: RESCUE by Ronaldo: a Win95 and Win98 Recovery program 
this little freeware program is truly amazing! the author must have had one of those moments of true inspiration when he wrote RESCUE. it is simple to use, easy to understand, and provides valuable protection for your computer by backing up your registry. sheer genius!! and it works! i should know since i have had to use it once already (it was just a small, little change to the system.ini file, i thought it was harmless; but when i rebooted, all i had was wallpaper! no desktop icons, no explorer, no nothing, just wallpaper!! but since i had backed up right before this small, little, harmless change, i just followed the directions to restore my registry, rebooted, and was back in business. it took a whole 7 or 8 minutes!!) let me tell you, this is one very cool program!!! 
computer gif all RESCUE is... is a bunch of simple DOS commands arranged in the proper order in an executable batch file!!! this is what makes it so beautiful!! its simple elegance screams at you!! version 1 can automatically backup your registry every time you start windows, and you can manually save your registry in a second place whenever you like, and all that takes in one double click. [there is no automatic backup with version 2; but that's ok, i like version 2 better].
computer gif to restore from a backup, all you do is boot into DOS, make one simple directory change, then type a one word command. that's it!! it's so simple, it's brilliant!! there are some very expensive programs out there that claim to do the same thing, but they will never be as easy to use as RESCUE!! throw them all out!! download RESCUE now and get some peace of mind for once!! there are no screenshots per se, so i have elected to talk at length about RESCUE on the screenshot page. (but what else is new!?!?) 
and before i forget, the author has told me that Rescue WILL WORK with Windows98. so there!  
and.. also.. the download is on the appropriate screenshot page!
ok, i'm feeling adventurous! what else can you possibly say about RESCUE?!?
computer gif computer gif computer gif computer gif computer gif computer gif computer gif computer gif computer gif computer gif computer gif computer gif computer gif computer gif computer gif computer gif computer gif computer gif
a quick note about rescue v2 and viruses... [[note to me: sunday, august 13, 2000]]
it has been reported to me by two different visitors {earlier this year} that their version of "mcafee antivirus" reported a virus when they tried to run the setup for rescue v2. briefly... this is a false positive. mcafee has said themselves, after some research, that their virus scanning engine gave a wrong reading and identified it wrong, and that to solve this, you needed to update the DAT file to the most recent version. so... to recap... rescue v2 does not have a virus.
computer gif computer gif computer gif computer gif computer gif computer gif computer gif computer gif computer gif computer gif computer gif computer gif computer gif computer gif computer gif computer gif computer gif computer gif
i was rather surprised to find this out.   i use mcafee on my 3 computers at home;   i have mcafee on the 30 computers at work, [that i am in charge of].   my parents and brothers use mcafee. and i have installed rescue v2 on all of those computers, and mcafee has never complained once. anyway, if this happened to you, sorry about that. but rescue does not contain any virus. all you have to do is look at rescue, they are DOS batch files, open them up in any text editor, and all that they contain are simple DOS commands, which is the whole beauty of rescue to begin with. anyway, i won't go on anymore because i hope that i have made my point. please email me if you have any questions or concerns, i will address them as best as i can.
computer gif computer gif computer gif computer gif computer gif computer gif computer gif computer gif computer gif computer gif computer gif computer gif computer gif computer gif computer gif computer gif computer gif computer gif
in fact, rescue saved my butt about three weeks ago [this would be the 2nd weekend in july 2000] i was playing a game on my win98se computer, i hit a wrong key and my computer froze up. no big deal, i just rebooted. BUT... upon rebooting, win98se reported i had a corrupt registry, and win98se then said it would replace my bad registry with a good copy. i thought to myself 'ok, sure, why not' ((actually i had no choice, this was just a blue information screen, and my only choice was to hit any key to continue)). so... win98se did something and automatically rebooted my computer. and guess what happened... same darn blue screen of death and windows saying that my registry was corrupt, it will replace it, and hit any key to continue. i watched my computer do this 3 more times as win98se kept replacing my corrupt registry with its own copy of my corrupt registry and rebooting. i just said screw it (pardon my language), i popped in a DOS boot floppy, booted into DOS, ran the repair batch file for rescue, it restored my registry in 2 seconds, i rebooted my computer, and it has been fine since then.
computer gif computer gif computer gif computer gif computer gif computer gif computer gif computer gif computer gif computer gif computer gif computer gif computer gif computer gif computer gif computer gif computer gif computer gif
anyway, please download rescue, and backup that registry while you can before some stray electron from somewhere corrupts it. rescue only works if you backup your registry when you know your computer is working well. i have no idea what i would have done to get my computer back, except for a complete reinstallation. but because i had rescue, i was able to restore my computer quickly. [[note, the whole process took about 10 minutes, the first 9 minutes were spent quietly cursing my computer and watching it restore a corruptted registry 3 times; the last minute was spent restoring my registry with rescue, rebooting back to windows, and starting my game up again]].
computer gif computer gif computer gif computer gif computer gif computer gif computer gif computer gif computer gif computer gif computer gif computer gif computer gif computer gif computer gif computer gif computer gif computer gif
anyway, i've gone on now for far longer than i planned to, but this issue is important to me because i love to try and use freeware. i've been doing this for several years now, [[today's date being sunday, August 13, 2000]] and i've never had a virus or a virus warning, with any freeware or shareware that i have tried; and the thought that i might pass a virus out is appalling to me. so... sorry... and not knowing what else to say... keep those virus definitions up to date. thanks. mikey

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