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take what comfort you can, assure yourself endlessly, rationalize all you want
but..... all of the links on this page worked for me on:
Tuesday, November 04, 2003

ying yang gif

utilities + useful + freeware = bliss!!!

computer gif it's funny what you run into while roaming the vast never reaches of cyber space; it's also funny what you end up downloading and trying. there is just so much stuff out there that i have had to resort to various "alternative" divination methods to decide on what to download and try. site after site after site, then page after page after page of programs doing this and that... indecision, doubt, concerns... my magic eight ball helps sometimes, those little voices in my head annoy me more than help me (opps, present company excluded of course). why is my life so complicated??!! why do the gods hate me and make my life so miserable??!! what did i ever do to them??!! i have tried to live a good life, and be helpful to others!! why must they torment the very essence of my being??!! slinging foul afflictions and desecrating my soul with their wretched and filthy arrogance??!! 
computer gif i thought they were the good guys??!! nah, just a bunch of goons pushing their way into my life and shoving their own personal agenda down my throat!!?! what??!! it's all in my head??? of course it is!!! my head, my brain, my mind: it's their point of contact to inflict their insidious conspiracies and hatch their evil plots on me!!?! i bang my head against the wall (carefully noting and marking the location of the studs behind them) to rid them out of my life, but to no avail!! (though i am on good terms with my local hardware store, fast and friendly service, can't beat that!). i must find my happy place!! hmmm... it's around here somewhere... 
computer gif hello! inner voice #3 here! mikey wishes to apologize for being mr sourpuss, mr sourgrapes, mr whining breathe, mr bellyache, mr complain, and mr oh poor me. he lives a wonderful life full of gleeful amazement. he is currently living with his parents while he goes back to school to start a second career in your computer science's field. we helped him choose this path due to the wide open nature of your emerging technology and the potential benefits to all of humankind. his life is in a state of change at this moment, and as we all know, life changes can make even the most well grounded and stable person apprehensive. we consider mikey as a friend and brother and look after him with the utmost care and diligence. i and his other inner voices would like to thank all of you surfers for putting up with his ramblings and questionable grammatical stylings during this most important phase of his life. take care and may peace doggedly follow you! heerrreeee's mikey: 
computer gif oh yeah, system/file/disk utilities... these are cool utilities that i have found. i like them and i use them. utilities are funny in that you don't need them everyday; but every once in awhile, they are oh so handy to have. they can greatly simplify your life, serving a practical function by giving you useful information or by performing a needed task without crashing your registry; thereby helping you to maintain that healthy partnership with your computer, which of course IS the most important relationship in our lives.

bcwipe.gif: BCWipe by Jetico, Inc. Developer's Team 
first of all, let me say that this is an excellent, excellent utility!! it installs easily and it's easy to use! one function of BCWipe completely deletes a file or folder (and its contents) from your disk (hard, removable, or floppy) [[hey! and not that i have anything to hide either!]] i use it as a time saver since my deleted files are never sent to the recycling bin; so i never have to take out the trash. basically, when you highlight a file or a folder, and then right click, a pop-up menu item is "delete with wiping". very cool! OR, you can choose the 'file' option in the menu bar which also lists the "delete with wiping" option. very considerate... and slick! with BCWipe, you can wipe the free space on a chosen disk drive and wipe clean window's virtual memory swap file. it is also very handy if you ever get bugged by a virus and you want to make darn sure that the infected file is gone for good!! (pssst:freeware!) 
for the curious...screenshots and more information!!

computer gif shell extensions!! yeah!! 'Folder Size' and 'File Date and Time' are shell extension utilities that add tabs to the properties dialog of your 'drives & folders' or your 'files' (respectively). BERGER Laurent (or is it Laurent Berger??) wrote three excellent utilities that you will find yourself using sooner or later. and let me mention the word 'freeware' again! 
file_split.gif: download File Split by BERGER Laurent 173 K zipped 
go ahead, take a wild guess as to what File Split actually does. opps, times up! it splits large files into small files! (ok, sorry, duh, i know...i'll try not to abuse my privileges as webpage host again! honest!) this is the neat part: the other computer does NOT need this program to put the file back together!! just click the options button and check the 'automatic merge - executable file' option, and you are set!! my brother split up an 18M file onto 14 floppies using this utility, and it copied over onto the other computer flawlessly! what more could you want!!! the "split file" option is added to your right click pop-up menu and to the menu bar under 'file'. cool! look! screenshot!  
date_time.gif: download File Date and Time by BERGER Laurent 66.7 K zipped 
this utility allows you to change the date and time of your files. it has a clean interface and is easy to use. above, when i mentioned that a new tab is added to the properties dialog, the new tab is a new page where the date and time is displayed. this way, you can see what is there, and how you might want to change it. see! screenshot!  
folder_size.gif: download Folder Size by BERGER Laurent 71.5 K zipped 
this utility can be very handy! a new page is added to the properties dialog of your folders and drives, where a tree listing of all folders and their size is displayed. yup! just try it out on your C drive! this program gives you good information in an easily digestable format! you asked for it! screenshot!

explorer_print.gif: Explorer Print by JD Design 
ever want to print your directory tree??? yes, i know you can look at it whenever you want to by navigating your way through explorer and all those windows. but sometimes it is nice to have a printed copy of your directory structure, including all of the files in each directory. well, want no more! Explorer Print is a context menu extension (so this option is included in your right click pop-up menu and in the menu bar under 'file'). though it is not freeware, the evaluation version is free and does not time out. you are forced to reconfigure the settings each time you use it (from the default values). however, i consider this a well written program and definitely worth registering (which i will do as soon as i get a job and start making some money!) anyway, get it and try it out, Explorer Print is definitely worth your time!! a screenshot for the non-believers!

cpu_load.gif: download CPU Load by Don Neufeld - 11.7K zipped 
i love this little freeware program! it sits in your system tray and displays the processing load on your cpu. call me weird, but i find myself looking at it all the time. CPU Load will be a constant companion on my desktop! the image below is not much for a screenshot, but this is all there is! isn't she beautiful!! (4th image from the left!) 
computer gif the internet IS indeed a funny place, always changing, always in flux. i had all of my pages done (this time around); i go to check my links one more time, and the homepage for CPU Load just isn't there anymore. the search engines have the same url as i did, but... anyway... off to change my page one more time. so... since i have a deep love affair with this particular piece of freeware, please feel free to download it from my page. i will not let my unbridled love for CPU Load keep me from sharing it with the world! i will adjust somehow. yes, the world is full of heartache and sorrow, but we all must go on bravely!! 
cpu_load.gif: download CPU Load by Don Neufeld 11.7K zipped

clean_system_directory.gif: Clean System Directory by Kevin Solway 
dynamic linked libraries will be the downfall of modern society as we know it! ok, maybe i'm exaggerating a bit, but DLLs can be a big pain in the ol' wazoo! well, have no fear, this freeware utility will scour your hard drives for all DLLs and then checks to see if any program you have uses them. all DLLs that do not have a program calling on them, can then be moved out of your systems directory into a backup file. nothing is deleted and the program does all of the work for you! the first time i ran Clean System Directory, it found 38 DLL files that weren't being used (out of more than 600 DLLs it checked)!! they were backed up and moved out, and i haven't missed any of them since then!! good program!! go get it!! fear not! screenshot!

dllshow.gif: DLL Show by Software by Design 
if you just gotta know!! if you must find out which DLLs a certain program uses!! then this utility is for you! fire up your favorite program, then load DLL Show. the currently running processes (programs) show up in the top half; just highlight the one you want to check on, and all DLLs that it uses are displayed in the bottom half. pretty slick and extremely useful if you ever need this type of information!! i like it!! [please note though, that this is now shareware, oh well]. still, it is very useful [again] if you need to know this type of information, or are just curious. whatdoyouknow! screenshot! [[and the freeware download]]

start_menu_cleaner.gif: StartMenu Cleaner by Mithril Software 
i run this freeware utility once a month or so. it's neat and does a good job. basically, it looks through your entire start menu; any folder that is empty, or shortcut that points to nothing, StartMenu Cleaner will ask if you want to delete it. a simple and efficient program that helps windows load faster once the dead weight is cleared out!! cool! and now, the moment that you have all waited for! a screenshot!

regclean.gif: RegClean by Microsoft - (also TweakUI and Microsoft Powertoys)
you can't live with it and you can't live without it!! (and i am not talking about the opposite sex either!). if you try out as much software as i do, your registry needs a good spring cleaning every few months!! the folks at microsoft have made RegClean available for free. get it and use it because it will do a good job at tuning up your registry!! my brother used a commercial program (to remain nameless) that claimed to do the same thing as RegClean, but this "program" crashed and burned his registry well beyond recovery!! so... accept no substitutes, use RegClean.
a screenshot [ok!]. downloads for all {yes!} TweakUI-for win98 and Microsoft Powertoys for Win95/NT and regclean

computer gif customizing!! yeah!! these next two freeware utilities, More Properties and X-Setup, are two different solutions to the same problem: customizing the hidden properties of windows95 to your own personal tastes. both work well, are easy to use, have clean interfaces, and (as far as i can tell) do not conflict with one another. i have both of them up and running, for a good six months now, and i have not experienced any problems with them. i like them both; they seem to be very well written!!!! 
more_properties.gif: More Properties by Imaginary Software       arrowsLR.gif:       my, my, a screenshot!  
Xsetup.gif: X-Setup by K/oS -- more information and download         arrowsLR.gif:         for your viewing pleasure!! screenshot!

closeit.gif: download Close It! by Basil Murphy zipped 12.2KB
this is a simple and neat little freeware program!! it sits in your system tray, and with one click, you can shut down your computer. nothing fancy here, it works as advertised! (you can also choose to reboot your computer or logout to a new user). there seems to be a zillion programs out there that will do the same thing; i happened to download this one, and it works just fine! as i have said before... what more could you possibly want??!!! screenshot? are you clamoring for a screenshot? here's my system tray, it's the 5th image from the left! that's all there is folks for a screenshot! sunglasses an interesting side note here: i listen to the KDVS on the radio while i work on my computer. now, when i use the start menu to shut down or reboot my computer (per microsoft), my radio starts spewing loud static. BUT, when i use Close It! to shutdown or reboot my computer, the radio is not affected. heck if i know why, your guess is as good as mine on this one. all that i know is that Close It! works for me.
close_it.gif: download Close It! by Basil Murphy zipped 12.2KB

snadboy_revelation.gif: SnadBoy's Revelation by SnadBoy Software 
my advice is to get this freeware program and install it; you never know when brain freeze will happen!!! passwords are a good idea, that is... until you forget them and you forget where you wrote them down. SnadBoy's Revelation is slick, easy to use, WORKS, and can save you an incredible amount of frustration if you tend to be forgetful like me. i consider this program to be the author's contribution to humanity, allowing us to live safer and saner lives!!! salivating at the glands? well, get that drool cup!! a revealing!?!?! screenshot!

servant_salamander.gif: Servant Salamander by Petr Solin 
now this is a cool program! it is a windows explorer replacement. as i have been known to say on other occasions, freeware doesn't get any better!! (and it has such a cool name!). ok, it doesn't replace explorer in the sense that you can never use explorer again. you use Servant Salamander instead of explorer. why?? because it is easier to navigate your hard drives, your directory system, your file system, and... it could be just a TAD EASIER (emphasis added to MAKE A POINT!!) to use than having a multitude of open windows cluttering up your desktop! all explorer functions, that you have come to love and use, are available. IN ADDITION... other features, like changing file attributes and changing the case (upper, lower, mixed) of file names is a breeze with this program!!! get it, use it, and enjoy working with your computer again! screenshot to amaze and befuddle!

award page link!!! luuks award mikey's award from Luuk! this award of excellence is from the netherlands!

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