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Tuesday, November 04, 2003

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this and that and these and those

freeware programs to delight the senses!


scrappad.gif: Scrap Pad by Jack Creations 
you can't know jack until you get this program. it sits in your system tray (by the clock). when you click on it, a little pad pops up where you can write down those moments of inspiration. these flashes of lucidity are then saved on your desktop. it doesn't get any easier! using the author's own words: "The fastest and easiest way to record notes, thoughts, messages, and just about anything you want!"  
peruse screenshot examples

read_to_me.gif: Help Read (aka ReadToMe) by The Hawaii Education Literacy Project 
paraphrasing.... "The Hawaii Education Literacy Project is a non-profit organization devoted to promoting literacy by making the reading of electronic text an easier and more pleasurable experience. The use of their first effort, ReadToMe™, a Windows®-based reading tool, is free." and you know what??!!?? it works really well!!?!! i was a little skeptical at first, but load in a text file, press read, then sit back and enjoy being read to by your computer! a well written program! so pay them a visit and support them how ever you can! goodness me: screenshot!

mehuls_backup.gif: download Mehul's Backup by Mehul Amin 696 KB zipped 
an EXCELLENT backup program and proudly proclaimed as freeware by the author. backing up my computer is something that i really should do more often. so do as i say and not as i do! the best thing that i like about this program is the fact that is preserves the path of the files you backup. by this, i mean that you can go to the backup directory that this program creates, and click your way through the directories and subdirectories to your backed up files (like your hard drive). a good idea that some backup programs don't allow. sunglasses sunglasses Thursday, September 24, 1998 is when i found out that his site is no longer there. oh well, i'll keep looking. until then, download the program here!! i am always here to serve you!! please go to the screen shot page for more information about the program and any necessary DLLs.           that's right! screenshot!

stopwatch.gif: Countdown99 by Contact Plus Corporation 
i have this fear that all i do is repeat myself since all i seem to say (over and over) is that a program is really cool, easy to use, and is freeware. but i can not deny the truth. there are literally thousands of programs out there and you could easily spend the rest of your life downloading and trying them all. humans boldly go where angels fear to tread. sunglasses i can't blame them though, but then, when have us humans ever known better? but have no fear! boldly go and download this program! it's free, it's cool, it's easy to use, it's adroit (ok, i looked that one up). you enter a past or future event, and this program counts up to or down from that event. it keeps track of multiple occasions and does so in years, months, days, hours, minutes, and seconds. need to know how old you are down to the second? this program will do that and more! very cool indeed! sunglasses sunglasses okokok, it is now called Countdown98. same program though!!! and it looks just like Countdown97!! unbelievable! sunglasses sunglasses [[Monday, August 07, 2000]]   okokokokokokokokokokok, it is now called Countdown99. same program though!!! hey! and it looks just like Countdown98!! unbelievable! yes! incredible?? yes! amazing? yes! and it's still freeware!! yes! yes! sunglasses sunglasses just for you! screenshot!

salestax.gif: Sales Tax Calculator by Mark Carter of Carter Computer Solutions 
this is a neat little program and it is free for personal use. you can't beat that with a stick, but since it is a software program, you really can't beat it with a stick. i know, ha ha. anyway... i like this program, i'm not weird (i did spend 15 years doing accounting work, so maybe i am) but this is a practical and functional little program. you can change the sales tax descriptions and the sales tax percentages (there are two sales tax slots), just type in the taxable amount and the tax and total owed are automatically calculated. neat! screenshot to look at!

loancalc.gif: Loan Calculator by The staff at Pine Grove Software 
now this is one slick program! you can calculate loans and amortization schedules to your hearts content. it's free for personal use, so get it and install it! i did; but since i'm poor, i fantasize alot... so, just how long will it take me to pay back that million dollar loan at four percent interest? i know the bank is eager to give it to me due to my impeccable credit history, good nature, and boyish charms; and that ocean front property is just begging me to buy it, and... what? oh yeah, okok, it's a well written program with enough bells and whistles to make you deaf, but it's still easy enough to use and well worth the download. aye screenshot!

electric5.gif: Electric Screensaver by JX Bardant 
how many times has this happened to you?? you're sitting there, minding your own business, when an obviously excited friend comes up and proclaims to have found the best screensaver ever created! it's so cool it'll blow your mind away! (not that you really want your mind blown away...) anyway, your friend won't leave you alone until you promise to load yet another screensaver on your machine. well, being a good friend (but actually wanting your dear friend to go away and leave you alone) you promise to check it out. then, when you finally load it on your machine, all you can do is scratch your head and wonder why your friend didn't tell you about his frontal lobotomy. 
computer gif having said all that...electric is very, very cool! it produces stunning images and never repeats itself. they can move and pulsate, or the images can be static. there is beauty in both forms and i have actually found myself in front of my monitor doing nothing but watching electric produce image after image (i told you i was easily amused). with the newer monitors today, the burn-in problem is not a factor anymore. so you do not need a screensaver, but you will want electric! freeware does not get any better! screenshots galore! (small ones)

lupa.gif: download Lupa by Zbyszek Swirski - 154K zipped 
as i like to say over and over...this is a cool little program!!! it magnifies the area around the mouse cursor inside of its box. magnification can go from .1 all the way up to 16!! and it does a really good job!! you can even resize the window so that it magnifies as large as an area that you want! just very cool!! all i have done is played with it, but i am sure that you will find a very practical and useful application for this freeware program. unbelievable!! nonsense!! i believe!! show me a screenshot!!

tjping.gif: TJPing by Jim Dunne 
i downloaded this program originally because someone ranted and raved about its ease of use, power, and functionality. this reviewer proclaimed TJPing to be the best out of all of the ping utilities that he had used!! this reviewer also said that he threw away all of the others and will now exclusively use TJPing!! gosh by golly!! this was good enough for me, so i got it, installed it, and ran it. but you know, i was such a computer goober at that time, i just sat there looking at it, wondering just exactly what it was supposed to do!?!? well, i've taken a few relevant classes since then and i can now use TJPing (yeah!), and i basically understand now what it could be used for (double yeah!!). i suppose what i am trying to say is that if you have a need for a utility that will ping, do lookups, and traceroutes, i seriously doubt that you will find a better program than TJPing. i do know that it is extremely easy to use and the information that it presents is very understandable. i also have a strong feeling that the mysterious reviewer above (i have forgotten just where this review was) is correct on all accounts!! anyway, you won't regret downloading and using it, really, cause, you know, umm, freeware can be so cool!! (now, how's that for a recommendation!?!?) for screenshots and explanations of ping, lookup, and traceroute.

cuteftp2.gif: CuteFTP by Alex Kunadze 
every once in a while, you run across a shareware program that is so good, so easy to use, and so practical, that you stop looking at other programs because you know that you have found that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. let me tell you, CuteFTP is one such program! actually, CuteFTP is a pleasure to use, it is that simple! if you have a homepage on this grand and glorious world wide web, then you will need an FTP program to upload your pages; and if you happen to upload a file that doesn't belong in your home directory, then you will need an FTP program that will delete those erroneous files and directories. CuteFTP will do it all and more. it is an amazing program that is (once again) easy to use and simple to understand!! of all of the programs that i have tried and used, this is one of my favorites as it has greatly simplified my life! now all i need to do is register and pay for it. HEY! i haven't worked in two years, i'm going to school, and living with my parents (and i'm something like 40 years old). i'm feeling guilty about the few shareware programs that i truly like. i want to do the right thing and pay for them; which, fortunately, i will be able to do in a couple of months. but enough of my pitiful existence! go get CuteFTP now!! it is truly a great program!!! geesh! he finally quit talking! quick! get to the screenshots!! hah!! i'm not through. just to let you know i'm not a complete slacker... amazingly, i've been working now for 4 months [today being 7-7-99] as a network admin, making the big bucks [yeah, right! we don't think so]. anyway, i have dutifully registered and paid for this wonderful program! so there!! hah!! ain't no "L" on my forehead!! the products page might be better if you use netscape

award page link!!! pandora's award mikey's award from pandora!! i am very jealous since she lives in australia!

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