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Wednesday, November 05, 2003

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some miscellaneous programs (to download)

but please refer to them as 'special' programs

StopWatch.exe by Tim Floto

computer gif this is a nifty, rather unique, little program, which has no webpage to call home (that i can tell anyway). it's a stopwatch, pure and simple. a screenshot is included so you can see that: yup, it's a stopwatch alright! it has start, stop, and reset. what more could you want? you can use your mouse or the keyboard to work it. did i say what more could you possibly want? thought so. now you can time those 14M game-demo downloads, just to see how long it really does tie up your system. time your wav files, time how long you are away from your computer, time the events on the olympics. it goes from hundredths of a second up to 99 hours (go ahead, i dare you). though not freeware (in the 'about box' the author requests five dollars), i like it so i sent my five bucks in. i definitely think it is worth it. [[the image below is an actual screenshot of the stopwatch. WOW!!]]  
stopwatch.gif: download: StopWatch 8.7K zipped

Cool Info by Luke Richey

computer gif having no page to call home can be terribly trying on the psyche of these wonderful programs, and being the sensitive empath that i am, i feel their pain. so i have developed a recovery plan to help these programs back onto the road of productive and enriching lives. to that end, i now present to you the freeware program Cool Info. i have found this program very friendly and useful. by clicking on the different tabs, you can find out information about your computer that might otherwise be difficult to obtain. it doesn't output pie charts, print fancy 3-D bar graphs, or enable parallel computation with other networked computers to decipher 64bit encryption. it simply and easily tells you stuff about your computer, that you might find yourself needing to know, one of these bright, sunny, and happy days. sit down, relax, and take your shoes off, because i have a screenshot that you might find interesting.  
coolinfo.gif: download: Cool Info?? well... i did find the homepage! that's right!! i did, i did, i did!!! i'm so happy that i could bust a gut!! which is a good thing, since if i was busting rhymes, you would all be after me with pitchforks, long pieces of wood, and lit torches!!!
E-oh Tinky Winky, mikey changed his mind!! what's that Laa-Laa, you mean cool info can be downloaded from his site again? that's great news! E-oh Dipsy! E-oh Po! did you hear what Laa-Laa said? but can this be true Laa-Laa, asked Dipsy and Po? it has to be true! the showerheads told me just today! E-oh! that is wonderful news they proclaimed and Tinky Winky, Po, Laa-Laa, and Dipsy started to dance around in great joy as their baby faced sun laughed and giggled to see such a sight! yes indeed, there was much rejoicing in teletubby land!

ScreenSaver Control by David Goodenough
computer gif yes, it's so sad when cool freeware is homepageless; therefore, we all must do what we can to alleviate these intolerable conditions. ScreenSaver Control is small, neat, and does only one thing, but it does it oh so well!! 
in the words of the author: "This is a system tray widget that provides control over your screen saver. To install it, simply copy SAVERCTL.EXE to a directory on your system, and create a shortcut to it in your startup folder in the start menu." 
computer gif what could be easier??!! there are no screenshots because the two icons you see below is all that you ever see (and they are in the system tray!). one left click toggles between the green and red screens: GREEN:screen saver ON and RED:screen saver OFF. simplicity can be beautiful. it also supports hot corners, so be careful where you touch your monitor screen. i wouldn't want you to burn your fingertips!! (okokokok, you can not burn your fingertips using this program, your monitor's plastic case would melt first and smell really bad. i was just fooling with you.) hot corners have something to do with moving your mouse pointer to a corner of the screen; it's incredibly very very technical and well beyond my comprehension. the instructions are in the readme file (included) so you computer savvy users will be happy! okokokok, all kidding aside, ScreenSaver Control is freeware, is cool, is practical, and is unequivocally VERY EASY TO USE. get it! use it! enjoy it!
screensaver_green.gif: download: ScreenSaver Control 10.9K zipped screensaver_red.gif:

Disappear.exe by Jack Pollack
computer gif though homepageless, this is a very cool little program. and i do mean cool. and, guess what, it's freeware! life can't get much better. there is no screenshot because it makes things disappear. all of the icons on your desktop have a background that displays along with its text. this program makes the text background of your desktop icons disappear. i saw, i believed, i am one of the faithful now! hallelujah! i am saved! my desktop is clean and mean and yours can be too. just stick this baby in your startup folder and your set for life. the program is small, which, in itself, is way too beautiful baby. you do need the VB40032.dll in your windows/system directory baby; but hey, you can get that here too. praise the lord and download it now! 
earthegg.gif: download: Disappear 3.8K zipped blank1a.gif: column.gif: download: VB40032.DLL 378K zipped

computer gif and speaking of DLLs...an excellent article about them, written by Paul Lutus (author of arachnophilia), can be found at DLLs: Dynamic Link Libraries. good information!! this article actually saved me from having to completely reinstall windows95 one time. what? oh, you want to hear my story? well, it all began in a sleepy little town... actually, one day, two of my programs stopped working. i got a "missing DLL mfc42" error for both of them. i looked in my windows/system directory, but mfc42 was there. this was 'interesting' i thought, so i read the readme.txt files for these two programs. one of them said that mfc42 needed to be in the windows/system directory, and if i needed it, just get it from his site. so i did. when i tried to copy it into the systems directory, windows said it was in use and denied the copy function. i then thought, 'well, i'll just do it in DOS, no big deal'. however, DOS also said no, but it did ask if i wanted to copy it anyway. i said yes and it copied over.  
computer gif i then dutifully went back into windows. well, needless to say, explorer DID NOT like this at all. any right click crashed explorer and just choosing to cut or copy crashed explorer. left clicking, fortunately, was still ok, so what do i do now? (NOTE: DO NOT BE LAZY LIKE ME AND NOT MAKE A BACKUP COPY OF THE SINGLE DLL YOU ARE TRYING TO REPLACE!) i found mfc42 in the directory that has my zip drive programs, and DOS copied it to the systems directory with no problem. explorer was happy at last, but the two programs still gave me the "missing mfc42 DLL" error. it was at this point that i remembered paul's article, so i copied the mfc42 DLL (that i had downloaded) into the directories that contained the executable files of these two programs (hoping that this DLL would satisfy both programs). and you know what??? they both work fine now. i can remove the mfc42 DLL from the executable directory and the program won't work; but as soon as i put the DLL back into the executable directory, the program works just fine.  
computer gif when you execute a file, DOS first looks in the current directory; if DOS does not find what it needs, then it searches the defined path statement for the files it needs. so what did i learn? if the program you are installing does not come with a setup program which installs everything by itself, just put any DLLs the program needs in the same directory that contains the executable file. no need to stick them in the windows/system directory. 
computer gif try it anyway. if the program refuses to run, then you can copy the DLLs into the system directory. which brings me back to the original reason i wrote this. the program disappear.exe needs a DLL to run. try it first without the DLL. if that does not work, then copy the VB40032.DLL into the same directory as disappear.exe 
if it still does not work, then copy the DLL into the windows/system directory. the program should work then. 
thank you for listening to my little story. i hope that this information may be of some use to you.
that DLL article again: DLLs: Dynamic Link Libraries  
computer gif hmmmm... i can feel vibes from a couple of surfers... they... are... thinking... hmmm... i am opening my mind so i can receive their thought patterns clearly... ok, got it. they are pointing out that i did not think about the DLL article until after i had crashed explorer and fixed it. and had i not fixed the windows explorer problem, then i would have had to re-install windows95, regardless of the DLL article. hmmm... i am now sensing... questions... no, questioning the logical sequence... hmmm... of my claim... ok, simple enough, had i thought of the DLL article before fatally copying into the systems directory, i would have simply copied the DLL into the executable directory, the program would have worked, explorer would never have crashed, and i would not have sat dumbfounded staring at my monitor mumbling to myself for a half hour. hmmm... the new thought patterns... hmmm... bored... geek... moving... no, quake also... hmmm... no, quake too... hmmm... must concentrate... ok, they are hoping that i play quake II on line so they could frag my... hmmm... i can't seem to pick up their thoughts anymore. oh well.
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