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Wednesday, November 05, 2003

some internet and html stuff

ying yang gif

an html editor

hey, it's the only i know about, ok?!!?? but it will knock your socks off!!

arachnophilia.gif: Arachnophilia by Paul Lutus 
computer gif freeware does not get any better than this! once in a while i get lucky and discover a program that is truly useful. arachnophilia is truly useful; i'll even learn to spell it correctly one of these days. it also has a gazillion features, and you can use six different browsers to preview the pages that you are working on. but this is the best part, it is very easy to use. for some reason, there was this gnawing hole in my life. i was incomplete, empty, and vacant. as i sat around engaged in self-pity, it hit me; i needed a web page! i knew absolutely nothing about html; but i had arachnophilia and a dummies book, so i set off on my adventure and you are now viewing the treasures that i have discovered (hmmm, this is starting to sound silly). ok then, how about a screenshot? 
computer gif basically, arachnophilia is easy to setup, easy to use, easy to navigate, easy to do anything you want to do. it is not a WYSIWYG, you still need a basic understanding of html and i like it this way. i wouldn't trust any program to magically produce error free web pages for me. arachnophilia is very intuitive, so it is easy to use (have i mentioned that it is easy to use?) even though you might think that html is just another four letter word. and i have no idea where i am going with this "review" right now. i'm a novice html'er, and the capabilities of this program give my mind those shooting-pain brain freezes. you'll just have to get it and discover arachnophilia for yourself. i should also mention that arachnophilia IS careware. the monetary cost is zero, zip, zilch, nada, in other words free. careware is a cool concept. read this for the author's definition of careware. 
computer gif basically, do unto others as you would want them to do unto you. treat others as you want to be treated by them. if you treat other people with common courtesy and respect, then you will be treated with common courtesy and respect. help others and others will help you. how many different ways do you want me to say this??!!!! fer cryin' outloud, do the right thing for once in your life and stop your whining! those sharp shrills are making my ears bleed! okokokok, the author's definition of careware is a tad different, but the point is to start caring about your fellow humans. HEY! ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME. NOW DON'T YOU GO SCROLLING PAST THIS! WAIT! GET THAT MOUSE AWAY FROM THE SCROLL BAR! I KNOW WHAT IS GOING THROUGH YOUR MIND RIGHT NOW! BOOORRRRIIINNG! well, at least think about it. ok?
arachnophilia.gif: Arachnophilia by Paul Lutus 


an html reader and html to text converters...

view_htmls.gif: home for Html Quickie Viewer by Kevin Solway   web2text.gif: home for Web2Text by Damien Burke 
           ViewHtml screenshot ....pictures to charm and delight.... Web2Text screenshot
computer gif do you do what i do? i use the 'save page/frame as' option a lot while i am out there getting down and dirty on the web. if i download a file, i will also save the page that described the program (in the same directory as the file of course, really i do), so i can remember just what-the-heck-it-was i had downloaded, when i actually get around to using it four months later. i used to double-click on the saved html file and wait for an eternity while my browser loaded, just to view it for 5, maybe 10 seconds to refresh my mind on why this particular file is using up my hard disk space. this was the state of my sorry life until...i stumbled upon some australian guy's site and started using his ViewHtml viewer. i fell in love (hopefully he has a single daughter, otherwise people might start asking questions). you gotta love this program, and is it ever fast!! blink your eyes and it is done. 
computer gif i have associated all of my htm and html files to be opened with this. what you get is a dos window with the converted file in it where you can scroll up and down to find the information that you are looking for fast. you can search/find text strings, open another file, open the file in your default browser (if you so choose), view the source code of the page, AND, and this is a big AND, you can save the html file as a text file with all of the html code stripped away. AND...ViewHtml does a good job of converting the html file into a nicely formatted, readable text file. did i say i was in love? hey! no snickering! did i also mention the words free and freeware? thought so. 
computer gif my life was blissfully content...until...until that fateful day when i found the freeware program web2text. i fell in love again. my wretched heart was torn in two, rent in half as i was swept away with its ease of use, speed, and effectiveness of the html conversions to text files that was being displayed right before my very eyes. choose one, ten, twenty htmls files, it matters not to web2text. they are all converted to separate text files with quiet efficiency, stripped of their html code into readable, formatted text, ready for printing. but its sole purpose is html conversions, do i replace my first love with this new love? the pangs of despair were tormenting the depths of my soul as i pondered the choice i had to make: ViewHtml or web2text. it seemed as if a million demons were ripping apart my heart, piece by piece, taunting me and mocking my pitiful existence. 'these issues do matter' i would scream back; but the demons only taunted me more. why must i choose? why? my mind clouded with a whirlwind of emotions. i could barely log on, much less eat or sleep. 
computer gif fortunately though, as if fate played her hand, my gypsy friends paid me a visit and restored peace-of-mind to my shattered existence. yes, i can use them both. they both serve different functions for the different situations in my life. they each have value and both can play vital roles in my life. there is enough love for both. i bid my gypsy friends goodbye, and decide i really should get a girlfriend.
view_htmls.gif: home for Html Quickie Viewer by Kevin Solway   web2text.gif: home for Web2Text by Damien Burke 
           ViewHtml screenshot ....pictures to charm and delight.... Web2Text screenshot

currentIP.gif: download CurrentIP by Information Management Specialists, Inc. - 934KB zipped 
have you ever needed to know what your ip address is? do you even know what ip stands for? are you assigned a dynamic address everytime you log on? have you ever wondered if you have been assigned the same address more than once by your provider. and just who is this provider anyway? are we involuntarily involving ourselves in some world domination conspiracy which keeps the vast majority of the users of this enchanting and alluring new electronic technology in the dark about a simple request: what is my address? [umm..sorry. i'll pay more attention to sentence structure in the future. really, i will.] well, before i totally alienate myself anymore with senseless babble, let me say that CurrentIP is freeware, works as advertised, and is incredibly easy to use. just click on the top button and your current internet protocol address magically appears. the bottom button allows you to copy and paste your address anywhere that you need it. it's a neat little program and it's free. life is sweet! 
[[the above image is a screenshot for CurrentIP]]

bobbo ip screenshot   download bobbo ip - 57.6KB zipped  bobbo ip
you know, the internet is a strange place. this guy sends me an email with a short note saying that he could write a program that did the same thing ((as the above current IP)) but be alot smaller. and then the next day, i received bobbo ip. i never knew his name, but i have his program and it works! what more do you want. no install, just double click the executable file, and folks, it is small! a mere 57KB. now that's a program!!!! download it and enjoy! now for any of you kind folks out there who are paying attention, you are probably shaking your head and saying to yourself... "he actually accepted an executable file from a stranger?!?!?" well, yes i did, but not without thoroughly checking it first. i have used it and my brother has used it many times over the years. it is safe, and rather pleasurable to use since it is small and simple. that's the best kind of freeware!

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