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take what comfort you can, assure yourself endlessly, rationalize all you want, 
but..... all of the links on this page worked for me on: 
Tuesday, November 04, 2003

ying yang gif

text editors

computer gif you want text editors? we got text editors! you want freeware? all 11 text editors below are freeware! i bet you haven't had this much fun since the last garage sale you hosted. but which one is the right one for you? get all 11, i did, and i knew with unshakeable certainty that my life is better off since i got all 11 of them! i have more confidence; i now exude this irresistable charm; i am losing the grey in my hair; i've lost weight; i have more energy now than ever before; and my relationship with my computer couldn't get any better! my life is one big lovefest since i started using all eleven of the text editors below. but i bet that you find this hard to believe. fear not my intrepid traveller, and have faith; fate brought you here. do not deny your destiny. i am willing to make you an offer that will bring into your life the same wonderful bliss that has entered into my life. just follow the links below and let the universal cosmic love flow back into your life, pervading and permeating all aspects of your eternal self-being.  
computer gif ok now, let's take a couple of deep breaths and deal with reality for a moment. what do you need in a text editor? MUST you have a dictionary? what kind of interface are you looking for? tabs? multiple windows? basic functions? loading speed? all of the text editors below are good, solid programs and you can not go wrong with any of them. besides microsoft works, corel word perfect, and microsoft word, i have all 11 of these freeware text editors. what the heck was i on when i thought this was a good idea? actually, it is a good idea; well-written programs are always a good idea. i use my computer to play games and surf the web, well who doesn't; but occasionally i need to write a report or type a letter, hence my interest in a good text editor. take your pick, i couldn't decide so i chose them all. by the way, they are not listed in any particular order, i left that up to fate.  
computer gif and before i forget, the links are to the authors' homepage, blah blah blah, brief description is for my reference, screenshots will be available as soon as i prioritize my life and remind myself what the sun looks like.  
computer gif (appended 3 weeks later): 
i must have been having flashbacks. who needs the sun?!! the internet IS more important!! right? you're backing me up on this one, right? hello... is there anyone out there? hello!?? hheeellllooooo!!?? we ARE suppose to stay locked in our rooms and do nothing but surf, right?!! good, i thought so. screenshots are now available.
super note tab gif: NoteTab Light by Eric G.V. Fookes   no dictionary, uses tabs for all open files   yes!! screenshots! 
cetus.gif: Cetus CWordPad Word Processor by Cetus Software   has spell check dictionary, can open only one file at a time.   lookie here: a screenshot! 
notespad.gif: Notespad by Bremer Corporation   spell check dictionary, tabs for multiple open files.   screenshot! 
editpad.gif: EditPad by Jan Goyvaerts  no dictionary, uses tabs for multiple open files   my my, nice screenshot! 
prolix.gif: PROLIX by Eric Schreiber  no dictionary, multiple windows inside for all open files   wow! screenshot! 
notepad+.gif: NotePad+ by Rogier Meurs  no dictionary, multiple windows inside for all open files   yup, screenshot! 
your_spell.gif: YourSpell by D C AL CODA - freeware 576KB zipped  has dictionary, can open only one file at a time   screenshot! 
pfe.gif: Programmer's File Editor by Alan Phillips  no dictionary, multiple windows inside for all open files   shot? not! screenshot? yes! 
cgedit.gif: cgEdit by Bradly D. Stowers  has spell check dictionary, multiple windows inside for all open files,   it's a screenshot alright! 
emeditor.gif: EmEditor by EmSoft, k.k.  no dictionary, free floating multiple windows for all open files   again! screenshot! 
txedit gif TxEdit by Gregory Braun : freeware 157K zipped  no dictionary, uses multiple windows   uhuh! screenshot! 

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