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take what comfort you can, assure yourself endlessly, rationalize all you want,
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Tuesday, November 04, 2003

ying yang gif

image/graphic viewers...

computer gif take this as a challenge: name one program that does it all. sure, if you have hundreds of dollars to spend on a single program, you might come close. but i'll venture out on a limb here and say that (conversational english can be so clumsy sometimes) that really expensive program still doesn't do it all. it'll have features up the wazoo that you will never use, more features that will take a lifetime to learn, help files the size of a novel, and you'll be out of a big wad of cash that could have been used to beef up your computer's memory. so how do you get rid of that gnawing, empty feeling in the pit of your stomach? first, borrow a heavy duty stapler and punch 50, 60, 70 staples into the cdrom that the program came on (therapy can be so beneficial); then go and download Freeview, Irfan Viewer, and imagoWEB. these 3 FREEWARE programs are the alpha and the omega of your image needs.  
freeview.gif: irfan.gif: visua.gif:
Freeview by Robert Hansen Irfan by Skiljan Irfan imagoWEB by Fabrizio Pignotti
computer gif the links above are to the authors' homepages. between these three programs, all of your basic image needs are met to the nth degree. the programs load quickly and are efficient. all of the major image formats are viewable (we're talking a good 20 different image formats here), avi files are supported, and animated gifs do their thing. do you need thumbnails of your images, do you need to delete, move, copy images files from one directory to another, convert between different formats, whole directory scans, resizing, tiling, renaming, blurring, oil painting, mosaic-ing, page curling, waving, mirroring, the list goes on and on. i am running out of breath. you will get tired of me saying this, but we are talking about freeware. the authors wrote good programs because they cared, then they let them loose to the world. get them, enjoy them, not because they are freeware, but because they work!
0ck-85.gif: freeview screenshots blank1a.gif: irfan3.gif: irfan screenshots blank1a.gif: ducks.gif: imagoWEB screenshots


more Ms.Cellanya!!!

ok, sorry, i know... goofy... old... silly...

BUT... you won't be able to beat the freeware below for quality & usefulness!!!

computer gif i found some more freeware that i just had to include on my pages. freeware can be so cool at times, that i am beside myself. of course, being beside myself doesn't help when i want to walk or eat, but i am working on it. the therapy is helping though, and thank you for asking.  

zonerings.gif: Zone Rings from Outer-Space by John Biddiscombe   (the program is at the GRAPHICS DEPOT!) 
now this is one cool screensaver!! let me say FREEWARE before i go any farther, since the control panels for it are just mind boggling! well, it boggled my mind (i think the folds in my grey matter are a little too tight!). anyway, the screen shots for zone rings are for the control panels. you'll just have to get and run the program for yourself to see the amazing images it produces (and you will NOT be disappointed in the least bit). you can download it at the link above. it takes you to the Graphics Depot. the file is 1.2MB in size; i would include it on my page, but i am actually starting to use up my free space [[text and images are rather small in size (even with my rambling) compared to the actual program files!]]. so get it and give your mind a good befuddling today!! now, two choices for downloads:  the GRAPHICS DEPOT    or you can download it from my page.

capture.gif: Capture by Nestegg Software (a screen capture program) download here - 151K zipped 
a neat little freeware program for capturing images on your screen! you do not use the print screen button on your keyboard; instead, when you run the program, you get four options for image capturing (three which you control with your mouse). capture your desktop, the active window of your choice, or the usual "user defined" area. the images are automatically saved as bitmaps. the fourth option is setting a timer to capture your desktop 10,20,30,etc. seconds later. anyway, download it from above, OR from my screen capture - screenshot page. either way... try capture out. it is just a cool little program that works really well!!!

freezip.gif: FreeZip by Derek Stanislawek 
i am baffled! and i also want to complain!!! why does the entire internet think winzip is the ultimate zipping utility?!?!? i've tried it myself, and it's not that easy to use (and i like to think that i know how to figure out and use programs). and you DO need to pay for it! what's up with that?!?!? i've visited a ton of sites and they all say to get winzip!! WHY?? it's not free and it can be cumbersome to use!!! i'm getting cranky!! 
computer gif WELL, I WOULD LIKE TO TELL THE COLLECTIVE INTERNET COMMUNITY TO PULL THEIR HEADS OUT AND START RECOMMENDING "FREEZIP" AS THE ULTIMATE ZIPPING UTILITY FOR THE VAST MAJORITY OF SURFERS!!! (the proverbial 99.9% OF ALL SURFERS that is!!) it is simple to understand and simple to use!! AND... it is FREEWARE!! a simple double click unzips a file in the current directory; and for the vast majority of the time, that is all we surfers ever want!! there are no screenshots of freezip, since it does its job quietly and efficiently. so i have used the freezip screenshot page to talk more about the program (but does that actually surprise anyone??) get it today!! and then thank the author for writing this excellent utility!!

annotator.gif: File Annotater Shell Extension by Johannes Plachy 
a utility that adds a tabbed page to the properties option when you right click. this is cool! files, folders, shortcuts, the drives in 'my computer' all get this unique shell extension that lets you add comments to organize your life. and we all can use a little organization now and then. 'my computer', 'recycle bin', 'network neighborhood', and the other solid desktop icons are the only things that don't get annotated. still, pretty cool!! oh yes, a screenshot!!

award page link!!! betty's award mikey's award from betty!! i do indeed thank you!

thunder thunder if a program's home page is gone missing, thunder thunder
thunder thunder click the link below and get the program from me!! thunder thunder
thunder thunder downloads for all programs from all pages. thunder thunder

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