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mikey{:-)'s freeware index

i have this deep-seated, heart-felt, quasi-religious belief that you should go the author's homepage and get the freeware from there. sunglasses i have often found other freeware at the author's homepage that is interesting and useful. sunglasses you just can't tell. sunglasses the author has put time and effort into the program, and the least we can do is go visit. sunglasses i consider this a common courtesy that we should do. sunglasses if nothing else, visiting the author's homepage is a silent way of thanking them for writing the program and for making it freeware. sunglasses it also allows you the opportunity to give feedback, if you are so inclined. sunglasses simple steps that are easy to do, that take no time, yielding results that can not be measured with money. sunglasses i also want to apologize to all other operating systems; at this point in time, all i have and use is ® © windows95. sunglasses its not that bad, and it basically works, and it does plug-n-play (most of the time), and it does support long file names, and there's all this cool freeware, and i have had only one catastrophic registry failure so far (knocking on wood as i type) which, by the way, was caused by commercial software. sunglasses FREEWARE HAS NEVER CRASHED MY SYSTEM!!!! sunglasses so, well, umm, well, huh, all software here is for ® windows95 ®. sunglasses there, i've said it. ® win95 © windows95 ®. this cherished and beloved name is copyrighted, trademarked, protected, and kept under glass with a 24 hour watch. sunglasses so just look and don't touch! ok?!?!?? sunglasses they seem to be very sensitive about their hallowed and revered name.  

[an] INDEX

(the creativity just gushes out of me at times...)

click here, if you are as lost as i am, for a complete listing of all software!

dog1.gif:freeware page 1 blank1a.gif: graphic/image viewers, and more Ms.Cellanya. 
dog2.gif:freeware page 2 blank1a.gif: text editors. 
dog3.gif:freeware page 3 blank1a.gif: some internet and html stuff. 
dog4.gif:freeware page 4 blank1a.gif: some miscellaneous programs to download. 
dog5.gif:freeware page 5 blank1a.gif: this and that and these and those (freeware programs to delight the senses!) 
dog6.gif:freeware page 6 blank1a.gif: utilities + useful + freeware = bliss!!! 
dog7.gif:freeware page 7 blank1a.gif: something clever of course (more freeware programs!) 
dog8.gif:freeware page 8 blank1a.gif: a potpourri of freeware programs. 
dog9.gif:freeware page 9 blank1a.gif: the sound of things (sound players and editors) 
dog9.gif:freeware page 10 blank1a.gif: ummm...more freeware. oh boy!! 
dog9.gif:freeware page 11 blank1a.gif: more freeware. how does he do it!! [soon i hope]
dog9.gif:freeware page 12 blank1a.gif: more freeware. how does he do it!! [really really soon i hope]
dog9.gif:freeware page 13 blank1a.gif: more freeware. how does he do it!! [honestly! i'm trying! really i am!]
dog9.gif:freeware page 14 blank1a.gif: more freeware. how does he do it!! [my brain is full, really really full!]
dog9.gif:freeware page 15 blank1a.gif: more freeware. how does he do it!! [it's so hard to think sometimes, really it is!]
dog9.gif:freeware page 16 blank1a.gif: more freeware. how does he do it!! [but hope springs eternal. (really, it does! really!)]
i know... this is not much of an index...
sorry about that.
click here for a better index.
do you want to go straight to downloads? tired of me talking and talking and talking and never shutting up? and then when i do shut up, i keep talking and talking some more and then you feel like bashing your head into the monitor? and just when you think that i can't possibly have any thing else to say, i ramble on about these voices in my head telling me that i am the next messiah... or was it the anti-christ... i forget, anyway, they're not all that clear sometimes. you would think that they could tell me simple messages in plain english, BUT NO.... they have to talk in riddles and clever sayings. it's enough to drive me mad. oh, that's right, i talk to much.
well...   download your brains out!   ok, i'm done for now.

award page link!!! pc support page mikey's award from PC Support Page!! good site! good info! musings too!
a few words about missing and broken links...
computer gif i hate them as much as the next person. in fact, i feel that anyone who has a web site (with links) should make a good faith effort to insure that the links provided: do indeed go where they are intended, you know, not broken, incomplete, missing, yadi-yadi-ya, so on and so forth, etc etc. 
computer gif i'm busy, your busy, this dumb site was just supposed to be a hobby, now it's consuming a major part of my free time, checking links is actually very time consuming, and how many people actually visit a personal homepage anyway!!! (don't mind me, i'm just complaining). practicing good netizenship can eat up the time, but worth every minute though!!! 
computer gif anyway, if you found a link that i screwed up, let me know and i'll fix it. these next several months will be busy for me (i need to start studying for and passing a bunch of certification tests, like novell, A+, maybe NT, get a job, get a life). i know, more senseless babble, but i have such an endearing quality... 
computer gif back to this link problem...i got the evaluation version of 2 link checking programs (below). actually, they are both pretty good, completely different, but still good. and as soon as i get a life and a job and money, i will buy them both since they do the same thing, but differently (i know, i tend to be obsessive once in a while). 
computer gif SO NOW, without any further ado, i would like to proclaim, i would like to think, i would like to believe, YES, i want to believe that my site has no broken or missing links!!! (on Tuesday, October 05, 1999) (at the very least). i have personally verified the links, and i have used both CyberSpyder and InfoLink Checker to verify my links (due wholly and in part to my "sometimes" compulsive but yet gentle nature).  
infolink.gif: InfoLink Link Checker by BiggByte Software cyberspyder.gif: CyberSpyder Link Test by Aman Software 
(both programs are very thorough with good reports)


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