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Chinese clipart from Karate1
china clip art : dragon
china clip art:elephants
homepage for China clipart from Karate1
they've got borders, motifs, dragons, circles, and the proverbial more!!! if it's clip art and dealing with China, then Karate1 is the place to go!!! they even have the chinese alphabet in various clip art pictures!! who would have thought!?!? and it's all freely available!!
so stop by and thank them for their generous contribution to humanity!!
dear folks...
boys and girls...
ladies and gentlemen...
whether you are tall or short...
young or old...
just start counting,
that's right, you heard me
cause... you will not find one, or two,
ten or twenty! no siree my dear gentle people,
you will find tens, and tens of clip art!!
but wait, there's more!! what?!?!
is this too good to be true?!?!?
believe your ears and close your gaping mouths
cause there are hundreds and hundreds of clip art!!
so don't delay! act now! you've got nothing to lose
and everything to gain!!! yes!!! life is sweet!!!
china clip art : cranes
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